Festival Theater Program

The Cool Davis Festival will feature a lively music and theater program including a special performance by Nature’s Theater, music by the Vocal Art Ensemble and Music to our Ears, dance by the Ecokinesis Dance Company, and presentations of the Climate Group Solutions Awards.

Cool Davis Foundation

The Cool Davis Foundation, is a  fundraising non-profit organization that supports initiatives related to the Cool Davis Initiative, environmental stewardship, and eco-justice. Until September 2011, it hosted together with the City of Davis most information on the Initiative. Its website is still live and can be visited…

Unitarian Church Green Sanctuary

The Unitarian Church in Davis has put its faith into practice on sustainability for many years – and is an active member of the Cool Davis initiative. In 2005, the UUCD embarked on the important and daunting task of becoming a Green Sanctuary: a church whose members truly live with “respect for the interdependent web of which we are a part.”