Wish List

Cool Davis is a volunteer based organization that relies on community support for our projects and programs. We also rely on community support in the form of office supplies. In fact, our office furniture is all gently used and generously donated.

What better way to keep these bulky items out of the waste stream and reduce the need to manufacture more?

If you have some extra office supplies -- ones you're not planning to use or you're planning to throw away -- please check our wish list first!

Copy paper, ink cartridges, and letter sized envelopes are always useful.

Please check our wish list below if you would like to contribute or donate these items either new or used. Used preferred.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING OR DROP  ANYTHING OFF THAT IS NOT ON THIS LIST WITHOUT CHECKING WITH US FIRST. We have limited space and cannot store items that aren't immediate needs.

Cool Davis thanks you for your interest and support!

Please email info@cooldavis.org for inquiries about the wish list.

Active Wish List

  • printer ink- 950 XL Black/ 951 Color
  • copy paper
  • envelopes (letter size)
  • external harddrive(s)
  • file folders (letter size)
  • hanging folders (letter size)
  • magnets for white boards
  • page protectors
  • push sweeper (rather than a vacuum cleaner, these work great without electricity)
  • measuring tape
  • rulers
  • shelves (open and deep) (please check with us on dimensions before bringing in)
  • organizing unit with shelves and bins
  • staples
  • binders
  •  cutting board/ xacto knife (actually our existing paper cutter needs to be sharpened--working on that)
  • screw drivers

Cool Davis is a non-profit 501 c.3 organization (ID# 27-3056050).