Double Up on Solar Davis

JOIN the DOUBLE UP on SOLAR CAMPAIGN!  Help your community reach the new 2020 solar goals! Check out our solar page for ways to save and contractor selection tips.

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Big Day of Giving 2016

THANK YOU! What a challenging but amazing day + ! Donations in our region totaled over 5.7 million and counting. Cool Davis reached a new high of nearly $7000.

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Crude by Rail Fight Leads Feds to Rule for Local Control Over Oil Refinery Expansions

Harriet Steiner, Davis City Attorney

October 11, 2016

Rarely does a full range of governmental, environmental, and citizen groups all work together, but the crude-by-rail issue united them on an arduous journey spurred by the threat of 100 tank cars per day of crude traveling through northern California communities to the Valero refinery in Benicia and another 80 cars headed three days a week to a Phillip 66’s refinery in San Luis Obispo.


Double Up on Solar Campaign Looking Bright


October 7, 2016

Davis, we are on track to reach our goal of 500 new solar systems by year’s end!

Data through the end of September shows that Davisites filed permits for 368 solar systems in 2016. We are just shy of exactly three quarters of the goal at the end of the third quarter.

Not sure what the campaign is all about? Check out our updated solar page.


Saylor Slashes Energy Costs with Solar Following Energy Retrofit

Saylor Solar Inverter 2016

October 3, 2016

by Mike Kluk

Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor and his wife adopted solar energy in December 2013 motivated by high power bills and a desire to lower their carbon footprint. Their total energy bill was peaking at about $400 a month which was unsustainable to them on several fronts.

The family was well aware that there are two steps to get the job done: Reduce overall consumption and decrease the cost of the energy by installing solar panels.


New Cool Davis Partner: Circle of Bees’ Hives Tackle Bee Crisis Locally

Circle of Bees Logo

September 29, 2016

by Judy Moores and Leslie Crenna

Welcome to our new Cool Davis partner, Circle of Bees!

Circle of Bees, or CoB for short, promotes care for both domestic and wild bees, which are currently threatened nationwide.  This non-profit group, headed by Board President Christian Coulon, works to help people understand that humans and bees are part of the same ecosystem.

Why is this important? We need bees as pollinators if we want our front and backyard fruit orchards and even veggies like prized tomatoes to ripen successfully.


Local Leaf Dealer Moving 40 Best-Selling Electrics a Year

Nissan Leaf at Charging Station

September 26, 2016

By Mike Kluk

I recently test drove the all-electric Nissan Leaf at our local Nissan Dealer, Hanlees. This car runs entirely on the electric power stored in a lithium ion battery with no gas engine at all.

My wife and I were shown around the vehicle by Josh Herron, a personable young man who is working his way through UC Davis by selling cars. As the certified Leaf Specialist at Hanlees, Josh has received special training and did a good job answering all of our questions.


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Real Life: Greening our Davis Schools

Students on Emerson's Earth Team

Students on Emerson's Earth Team who first installed the filtered water system and sold reusable stainless steel water bottles.

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