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Hey Davis! Ready to Give Cool and Give Big May 4th?

La Gotita and El Rayito Say Find a Friend and Give!

BIG GOALS for Big Day of Giving — $20,000  Give Now to Cool Davis!

Cool Davis is launching the next phase of our Cool Homes outreach efforts this fall! 

Volunteer leaders must be trained and program activities prepared for the fall.  The BigDay of Giving will help Cool Davis jump start this effort.  Funds we raise on Big Day of Giving will support a Field Coordinator to recruit, train and manage this team of outreach and support volunteers rolling out of our energy related campaigns like Double up on Solar!. (more…)

State of the Climate: A Local View

chris granger April 2017

Special Earth Day Edition April 21, 2017

Cross posted from the Davis Enterprise  From page A5

By Chris Granger, Executive Director, Cool Davis

According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association, an organization whose federal funding is currently at risk, the years 2014-2016 were the hottest on record. Greenhouse gases and global sea level rise  have also steadily increased over those years.

NOAA’s yearly State of the Climate report provides us with science-based facts that explain in no uncertain terms that the climate — which is the average of weather over time, not what it feels like on any particular day or week — is changing rapidly. (more…)

Real progress on local goals

April 21, 2017

By Robb Davis, Mayor of Davis

Crossposted from the Davis EnterpriseFrom page A5

So how are we doing on our sustainability goals, Davis?

Well, there has been a lot of progress since the City Council adopted the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan in 2010. It’s not easy to measure the full impact of our efforts in energy use or greenhouse gas reductions yet.  But we know, that when we act in Davis the impact is remarkable; we can see it everywhere! (more…)

MAY IS BIKE MONTH! 2017 Events in Davis

May Is Bike Month 2017


National Bike Month was established in 1956 to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage more people to give biking a try. Every May, cyclists in the Sacramento region pledge to ride their bikes and log bike miles on the May is Bike Month website for the chance to win prizes.


Soil: The Forgotten Gift Underfoot

tony rolfes crop

Tony Rolfes, a career state soil scientist, will present “Soil: the Forgotten Gift Underfoot” on Sunday, April 30 from 3-4:30 pm at Congregation Bet Haverim (1715 Anderson Road, Davis).

The talk, followed by questions and answers and a short reception, is sponsored by the Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice (YIACJ) and is free to the public. This is the second in an ongoing series of Climate and Sustainability Forums. (more…)

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Real Life: Greening our Davis Schools

Students on Emerson's Earth Team

Students on Emerson's Earth Team who first installed the filtered water system and sold reusable stainless steel water bottles.

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