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Big Day of Giving 2017

Thanks to you, Davis, we raised  $17,732 on Big Day of Giving!  Past donors were joined by new donors to our circle of supporters. Thanks for investing in a Cooler Davis!

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Drive Electric Week success in Davis! EV @ the Market!

Drive Electric Week Success

The 23 different owner vehicles on display and four dealers providing 10 electric vehicles for test driving, made for National Drive Electric Week success in Davis.  EV @ the Market Day provided everything local EV interested folks could want!  (more…)

Test Drive Electric Vehicles at Davis Farmer’s Market

Drive Electric and Show & Tell

Cool Davis and the City of Davis are hosting a movable feast of electric vehicles near the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday, September 16th on 4th Street between C & D as part of National Drive Electric Week which runs September 9th to the 17th in 2017. (more…)

Should Your Next Vehicle Be Electric?

Does charging forward with an electric vehicle mean turning your back on the American love affair with the automobile? In a city like Davis, that affair may not be as intense as in some other parts of the country but it’s still meaningful. And why not?

The personal automobile is convenient, comfortable, and quick. It provides efficient transportation and independence. We are now sure, however, that the exhaust from millions of automobiles on the road today causes serious problems as diverse as respiratory disease, cancer, algae blooms and, of course, tons of CO2 that contributes significantly to climate change.


People’s Climate Movement Responds to Harvey

Peoples Climate March Credit Sarah Baker April 2017

As Hurricane Harvey gathered in the Gulf of Mexico the warnings of a massive storm hitting Texas were clear. But no one knew just how much damage the days of record-setting rain would bring. It will be weeks before the full extent of the damage will be understood, but we already know this is like nothing we’ve every seen.


Greywater Workshop: Hands-on Education and Installation

2017 Greywater Showcase 51

Cool Davis partner Eco Assistant is hosting a hands-on installation Greywater Workshop in West Davis on Thursday, September 7 (6:30–9:30pm), Friday, September 8 (9:30am–4:30pm), and Saturday, September 9 (9:30am–1:30pm).

The two-day workshop consists of three sessions (designed to beat the heat!) featuring instruction on code and methods for the two basic greywater systems and hands-on education and installation taught by Greywater Action Certified instructors Leslie Crenna and Kent Thompson. (more…)

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How one Davis school cut its trash by two-thirds

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Cesar Chavez Elementary School students Charlotte Mitchell and Aleta Ballinger-Dickerson recycle their lunch trays after eating at school last week. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo

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