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How Eating Beans Instead of Beef Will Save Both You and the Planet

To protect our warming planet, we must start taking animal products off our plates.

As the world’s second largest greenhouse gas emitter, the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement drastically curbs international efforts to fight global warming. But concerned Americans don’t have to feel powerless. It turns out that simple choices we make every day—or three times a day—have the power to help protect our planet.


Per Capita Davis: These companies mean business

John Mott-Smith Davis Enterprise

Crossposted from the Davis Enterprise
By From page A9 | November 15, 2017

There’s been an avalanche of news recently about the current discussions in Bonn, Germany, about the climate crisis. Leaders of all of the countries of the world are gathered to follow up on the Paris Climate Agreement.

This was part of the plan. Everyone knew that just signing the agreement would not keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees Centigrade (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The agreement is structured to require continuous review and, if necessary, adjustment to meet emission targets.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts Plant Punk Kitchen

From our friends at Plant Punk Kitchen:

Brussels sprouts come into season in the late fall and are said to be sweeter after the first frost. Perfect for holiday side dishes.

Brussels sprouts seem to be a love or hate type of vegetable. I love them now but haven’t always. Growing up I would hide them in my napkin so it seemed like I was eating them and my Mom wouldn’t yell at me. Before I met Stefen, I never had them cooked quite right–they were too bitter or sour.  I don’t know how other people were cooking Brussels Sprouts but this recipe is very simple and I love the orange flavor in this dish.


Per Capita Davis: Tour the country for heartening energy-saving news

John Mott-Smith Davis Enterprise

By John Mott-Smith From page A7 | November 01, 2017
Crossposted from the Davis Enterprise

Still engaged in an internal fight between optimism and pessimism about the climate crisis, I took an online tour around the country to see if We the People are all in on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Examples of what I found are below.


Michael Pollan’s Classic ’Food Rules’ Animation

Food Rules Michael Pollan

It started with a simple idea: when it comes to food, we would do well to model our diets after our grandparents, which is to say, we should eat less meat (most of our grandparents couldn’t afford to eat meat in the quantities most Americans do now) and far less processed food.

From this basic premise sprouted Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, a slim handbook of food knowledge that brilliantly illustrates how different cultures with a broad range of traditions all share the same lasting food wisdom, and answers the common question, “What should I eat?”


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Diane Swann: 2013 Eco-Hero

Diane Swann

Diane Swann now commutes 4 days a week to Sacramento on her electric assist bicycle, keeping her carbon footprint low and her health tip-top.

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