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Holmes Planning for 500 Bike Parking Spaces Amid Reconfigurations

New Holmes Car Parking Lot

August 30, 2016

By Sophia Lodigiani

Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High recently converted their larger bike rack area into additional vehicle parking for the staff members. According to Holmes Junior High Principal Derek Brothers, the new parking lot was long overdue, since the junior high “had more staff members parking in the neighborhood.”

While this is a win for the staff, what was displaced to give them that lot? The land they used previously held the larger of the two bike rack areas at Holmes.


Our Renewable Future

Richard Heinberg, co-author of Our Renewable Future, is a senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in Santa Rosa.

The Post Carbon Institute is located nearby in Santa Rosa, and the fellows there are wholeheartedly committed to leading “the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.” All of them are serious about understanding what is happening to our planet with climate change well underway, slowing the damaging impacts, and making transitions easier. Check out the array of issues the institute addresses and their strategies. (more…)

Dear Counselor: City protects your right to let the sun shine

Preston Morgan Enterprise Columnist

By Preston Morgan

Crossposted from the Davis Enterprise July 24, 2016

Question: I own a house in Davis, and I installed solar panels some years ago. When I put the panels in, my neighbor assured me that he would cooperate in keeping a small patch of trees from ever interfering with them. Since then, new neighbors have moved in, and the trees are now starting to block my panels.


Great Deals on Electric Wheels

Plug In Electric Vehicles

July 28, 2016

Looking for a new commuter car? Want something for errands in town? Thinking about the future? Mid-budget electric vehicle (EV) models are pushing 120 MPGe per charge while luxury makes have far surpassed that range.

Charging stations are popping up across the state, and, according to ChargePoint, there are about 38 charging stations across town and nearly 50 on campus, with plans for more in the works.

If rooftop solar is in your future, then getting an electric vehicle first will help establish your EV’s energy demand up front.


Citizens Lobby Brings “Carbon Fee and Dividend” Legislation to Congress

Yolo CCL delegation 2016

July 28, 2016

By Stu Pettygrove

Four members of the Yolo chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) – Rob and Terry Beggs of Woodland, and Mike Russell and Stu Pettygrove of Davis – traveled to Washington, D.C., for the 2016 Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) Conference and Lobby Day, attended by more than 1,000 chapter leaders, members,and congressional liaisons.


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Climate Solutions Award: Mutual Housing Yolo

Rachel Iskow Climate Solutions Award 2016

Executive Director Rachel Iskow, poses proudly with the fun elephant sculpture made of found objects, which graces the park-like central common space at the New Harmony Mutual Housing site in Davis. For the past fifteen years, Mutual Housing has incorporated green principles into every element of its work.

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