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September/October 2018

National Drive Electric Week is back! To celebrate, Cool Davis and DEVA are partnering with SacEV (and many more) to host the second annual EVs@theMarket event adjacent to the Davis Farmers Market. Take a slight detour from your normal market route, and find out what driving electric is all about! (Check us out first, then bag your groceries later.)

July/August 2018

Greywater systems hold immense potential for water savings in our community. Cool Davis working group Water Wise Davis is hosting its second Greywater Showcase this coming July with support from the City of Davis. Participants get a chance to win one of four laundry to landscape parts kits (a $75 dollar value) complete with complimentary professional consultation!

May/June 2018

Most people know that solar panels produce little on a cloudy day. But you may not have heard that even spotty or partial shade can negatively affect solar panel production a surprising amount.

If large trees cast full shade on your house most of the day, solar may not be in the cards. But for the much more common issue of intermittent or partial shade caused by branches, chimneys, or other small obstructions, the future is still bright.

Earth Day 2018

We live in a time of change. The impacts of climate change are affecting populations around the world as well as here at home. Whereas in the past the somewhat singular focus of the environmental community has been on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability, the spotlight now is on adaption and resilience.

Resilience has become a natural framework for emergency preparedness efforts and more recently for public health agencies. Now environmental and sustainability allies are joining forces in these other arenas to weave together a more comprehensive planning and readiness process.

March 2018

The 6th Annual Interfaith Climate Conference to be held March 10th is devoted to our life-giving trees. The conference – Deepening our Roots: Growing Resilient Forests – will feature two tree experts, one addressing how to create healthy urban Forests and the other examining the challenges facing our Sierra Nevada forests and how to protect them.

January/February 2018

Eighteen plus turned up to share successes as well as plans for the future at the Cool Davis Coalition meeting this past December 20, 2017, at the RepowerYolo office 909 5th Street (Indigo Architects), now the first fully net zero energy structure in Davis. Partner representatives, many of whom wear multiple hats both professionally and personally in our community, reported an impressive range of activities including a notable highlight: Mutual Housing of California’s Spring Lake housing development in Woodland (represented by Anne Marie Flynn, Community Development Officer) won an international award from World Habitat in 2017.

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