SacEV concurs with the action alerts sent by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Electric Vehicle Association, and others in support of California’s Proposition 30, the Clean Cars and Clean Air Act.  There are 72,000 EVs in the Sacramento region and over 1 million in the state.  But that’s is not enough.  There are still 29 million gas vehicles in the state.

EV owners know climate change in California is not a future threat; we are already dealing with a devastating drought and destructive wildfires. We need to slow global warming, and to do so we must greatly reduce emissions from passenger cars and trucks.

Passing this proposition will provide:

  • $20B to fight and prevent catastrophic wildfires
  • $35B to expand Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) charging/fueling for cars, trucks, school buses, and more.
  • $45B to make ZEVs more affordable for consumers, cities, etc…
There is an urgency to fighting the climate change war. In supporting Prop 30, SacEV is joining similar actions across the country, in Europe, and in China.

The SacEV rejects the argument that Prop 30 is a gift to Lyft. In fact, no funds will go to Lyft. Prop 30 will provide incentives to low and middle income ride share drivers, such as those working for Lyft and Uber, to replace their gas vehicles with ZEVs.

To learn more about Prop 30, check out the non-partisan CalMatters 2022 Voter Guide.