The Yolo Earth Day Pledge is now entering the stage of … getting busy with our pledges! Most pledgers selected multiple actions in each category; hopefully at least one was something new for them. The bundle of actions selected shows a broad acceptance of their meaningingful impact. There were also some clear favorites (see below). When asked why they’re pledging, one person said they pledged to “feel better” about their actions and to get more of the “good vibes” that go along with aligning your actions with your values. Assistance requests were solidly in the camp of email reminders and online presentations. Let the digging in begin!

Online Pledge Share Gatherings

Pledger gatherings are opportunities to ask questions, meet other pledgers, share success stories and strategies, and work through barriers. Cool Davis staff, board, and/or volunteers will be present to introduce our topics and resources, but the format will be informal and responsive to your questions and ideas. Open to residents countywide! (Fourth Wednesdays.)

  • Reducing Air Travel Impacts: Wednesday September 27 6:30pm Zoom

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  • Avoiding Palm Oil: Wednesday October 25 at 6:30pm Zoom

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  • SHARES COMING SOON: Strategize to Minimize Food Waste, Hang Dry (the Laundry)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation and reminder emails containing information about joining the meeting.

In-Person Gatherings

1. Woodland Share Gathering: Wednesday September 6 at 9am-10am Gallery Coffee Roasters 1st St DROP IN WITH US!

Have a pledge action you want to ask the group about? Know an expert that could show up and answer pledger questions? Have a great method of drying clothes you can’t wait to share! This is the space! Bring a friend! Everyone is welcome whether pledging or not! 

2. PLEDGE MOPED GIVEAWAY – IN PERSON Saturday October 7 at 10:30am at Davis Farmer’s Market at the Cool Davis booth near the playground. YOU MUST BE 13 YEARS OR OLDER AND PRESENT TO WIN if a Davis resident.

Earth Day Pledgers … the time has come to give away that electric moped generously donated by the Russells of Davis, a $2600 value! The team cannot wait to see someone drive off with that lovely little ride!  Rules and Restrictions

See more details below!

We’re getting excited for all the progress in our communities!

Pledger Question#10 Word Cloud: I am pledging because …

Pledger Question#12 Word Cloud: Activities that would help complete my pledge …


Upcoming expert topics

  • Making a Household Emergency Plan
  • Greening Finances: Banking and Invesments
  • Commiting to Climate Justice
  • Eating Thoughtfully with a Plant Based Diet
  • Family Dynamics: Communicating about Climate

Available “Regeneration Nexus” topics that align with pledge actions or other Cool Solutions

“Regeneration” by Paul Hawken has expanded its reach into online resources. Check out a few of their topics below:

  • Banking and finance
  • Palm oil
  • Buildings
  • Degraded Land Restoration
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Electrify Everything
  • Energy Storage
  • 15-Minute City
  • Heat Pumps
  • Insects
  • Localization
  • Pollinators
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Solar
  • Tropical Forests
  • Urban Mobility
  • Waste Nothing

Pledge Report Coming Up in October

In October, pledgers will receive a link to a survey to give us an update on progress. The tech hasn’t been working as tested unfortunately, but we’ll get it working by October, promise!

Support Docs

Have a suggestion for the docs? Let us know:

Chat with us at Davis Farmer’s Market

Cool Davis is at the Davis Farmer’s Market most Saturdays! Join us to peruse displays, examine brochures, and engage in great conversations! Volunteers and experts will be on hand. This Saturday, September 2, will feature our pledge support docs and the actions behind them!

  • First Saturdays: Household Engagement (pledge, resilience)
  • Third Saturdays: Transportation (electric vehicles, e-bikes, transit and micro-transit)
  • Fourth Saturdays: Energy (home electrification and more)

Pledges Summary

Below is the breakdown of pledges selected. The totals add up to more than 100% because folks selected more than one action fairly often.