The climate scientists have called on us all to take action and our amazing community of Davis is responding! There are so many ways to make change. While it may take 10 years to get to everything on our personal lists, there’s nothing stopping us from getting busy on the next thing, right now!

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Local actions make a difference

While some are saying it might be too late to act, we say … the future is now! Everyone’s actions are needed! There’s no time like the present to get busy removing the fossil fuels from your life, your organization, and your community.

Fortunately, our local and regional leaders are not avoiding the facts about our future. Instead, they’re stepping up and asking us to join them in the solutions. Last March, our City Council passed a Climate Emergency Resolution re-dedicating our city to carbon neutrality, 10 years earlier than the previous goal, and calling on all of us to take specific actions!

Critically, the Council also funded an update of our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. They did this to strengthen our action plans so we’ll be able to reach the new 2040 carbon neutrality goal.

Community institutions also taking significant actions

Meanwhile many community institutions, neighborhoods, and households are taking action, too! Most gratifying has been the youth and young adult leaders who are bringing a new urgency and energy to climate action, reminding us that everything we fail to do affects their future.

UC Davis students speak up about their futures Friday, September 27, 2019, at Davis Central Park. Courtesy photo.
COOL Cuisine 2019 Burger Battle winning restauranteurs and organizers. Courtesy photo.

Neighborhoods and households are making change

Our community is closing in our rooftop solar campaign Double Up on Solar goal of 4,500 residential solar by the end of 2020. We applaud the 3,644 households that have already successfully installed solar in our community (as of July 31, 2019).

After the September EVs@the Market event, electric vehicle adoption is surging again as more vehicles new and used are adopted by households in our community. Cool Davis’ Ride Cool Campaign currently estimates the number of electric vehicles residing in Davis at 1,540 vehicles. That is about 62 percent of our 2020 goal.

Thousands of homes have retrofitted their yards to conserve water and protect habitat in our community. We are grateful for the work of our amazing partners who lead this work! Tree Davis is working with the City on the renewal of our urban forest.  Circle of Bees, Whole Systems Designs, and others work daily to help households with their home transformations!

EVs@theMarket 2019 panorama shows the whole range of experiences. Courtesy photo.

Families are transforming their daily transportation modes too, riding bikes, taking the bus, carpooling, and ride sharing to their destinations.  Our City of Davis programs and community partners like Bike Davis, the Bike Campaign, Unitrans, and YoloBus are delivering real solutions to our community every day!

What you can do?

Keeping these many examples of action in mind, and knowing all the progress you’ve made already, consider this: what if we all made 10 year transformation plans? No matter what progress has been made, there’s always more than can be done. The Cool Home Checklist is ready and the Cool Davis team is ready to help you along the way.

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