Eco-hero and climate solution awards 2016

Kaiyue “David” Wang
Kaiyue “David” Wang 2015 Cool Davis Eco-Hero

Cool Davis gives annual awards to individuals, businesses and groups in Davis for their actions and achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The awards will be presented on Wednesday, April 20 in a ceremony at 5:15pm inside the US Bicycling Hall of Fame followed by a brief public presentation at the weekly Farmers’ market at 6:30pm.

The event will be used to encourage people to sign up to be Cool Homes and become their own eco-heroes.



Cool Davis invites the community to submit nominations for the 2015 Awards for individuals (Eco-Heroes) and Businesses, Non-Profits and Groups (Climate Solution Awards).    For both awards, the nominees must exhibit exemplary actions or achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) in the areas of:

  • Transportation (helping our community shift to non-fossil fuel vehicles and modes),
  • Consumption  (reducing consumption and waste related to food, water, goods, and services)
  • Built energy (increasing efficiency of energy use in homes and commercial buildings.)

Other criteria include creating innovative solutions to real-life problems that can be replicated by others, and showing a commitment to an on-going, long-term effort.

Read full criteria and nominate someone by emailing this Cool Davis 2015 form to


Past awardees






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