In recognition of Juneteenth and Pride month, Chris Granger, Cool Davis’ Executive Director opened the Quarterly Coalition Meeting at the Bicycle Hall of Fame on June 19, 2024, encouraging participants to reflect on Cool Davis’ founding in light of the meaning of freedom that these two celebrations embody.

After the Native Land Acknowledgement, she shared a video of Mustafa Santiago Ali, Vice President of the National Wildlife Federation, reading his Juneteenth poem Voices of Juneteenth – A Warming World  at the Town Hall on Climate and Social Justice held in Los Angeles June 18th.

(Link to video on CSPAN  (Time stamp 2:54:28)






The June 18 Town Hall on Climate and Social Justice held in Los Angeles was hosted by Tavis Smiley and KBLA Radio. It was a summit on climate change and racial justice with civil rights activists, environmental policy advocates, and local officials at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. This three hour program (video available on CSPAN) features a discussion of the intersection of climate change and racial justice, climate impacts on low income and communities of color, the role of transportation, and the green energy transition. Participants included Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Sierra Club President Ben Jealous, 2024 presidential candidate Cornel West, Dr. Robert Bullard, Professor at Texas Southern University, considered the “father” of the environmental justice movement, and many others.

Cool Davis Strategic Plan & Coalition Implementation Survey

Following the video, the Coalition meeting featured input from the participants regarding the future of the Coalition in light of Cool Davis’ new strategic plan.  Participants in the Coalition and Coalition working group members are encouraged to answer the survey by the end of July. Cool Davis leaders will be meeting with Coalition Working group leaders and members during the month to gather ideas and input in addition to the survey.


Yolo County CAAP Discussion

The draft Yolo County Climate Action and Adaptation Plan was also discussed. The 263 page document provides an overview of climate impacts, green house gas emissions and recommended strategies, measures and actions broken out into 10 strategy areas.  These include:

  1. Decarbonize Transportation
  2. Reduce VMT
  3. Decarbonize Energy & Buildings and Increase Energy Efficiency
  4. Optimize Water Use
  5. Minimize Waste
  6. Reduce Offroad Equipment Emissions
  7. Support Climate Smart Agriculture
  8. Sequester and store carbon in Natural and working lands
  9. Reduce Carbon Footprint of Consumption and Production
  10. Build Resilient Infrastructure and Healthy Communities

While the workshops have wrapped up, feedback is still being accepted via an online portal. Learn more about giving feedback here.

Local voices: Ujamaa Farmers Collective

Finally in the meeting participants were encouraged to share local stories.  The discussion was kicked off with the good news from the Ujamaa Farmers Collective.  UJAMAA leaders say that the “main function and purpose of our work is to provide affordable and secured access to land for existing land-ready, independently managed BIPoC farm businesses, while layering in cooperative economics to encourage collaboration amongst farmers.” You may recall from an earlier Cool Davis story (Support the Ujamaa Farmer Collective in Yolo County) that in 2023 Ujamaa received a grant from the State of California to purchase land for Black farmers and farmers of color.  Right at the end of 2023 Ujamaa purchased 22 acres just North of Woodland and they are moving forward on their dream of secure land for local farmers. Two videos regarding this project were shared at the meeting.

Cool Davis is encouraging the community to support this effort in sustainable farming practice and practical and local social justice. While the State funds paid for the land for Ujamaa, additional dollars are needed to support the management of the collective. Make your donation here.