Cool Davis invites the community to submit nominations for the 2014 Eco-Hero Awards for individuals and Climate Solution Awards for Businesses, Non-Profits, and Groups.  These individuals and groups serve as models and leaders as they inspire our community to take action.  Nominations are due March 10 by noon.


For both awards, the nominees must exhibit exemplary actions or achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) in the areas of:
• Transportation (helping our community shift to non-fossil fuel vehicles and modes),
• Consumption (reducing consumption and waste related to food, water, goods, and services) and/or
• Built energy (increasing efficiency of energy use in homes and commercial buildings).

Other criteria include creating innovative solutions to real-life problems that can be replicated by others,  and showing a commitment to an on-going, long-term effort to reduce our fossil fuel dependence.

Criteria and Forms



Past Awards

The Eco-Hero Awards were established to honor some of the often hidden heroes among us who are forging and implementing new ways to live lightly on our planet with a lower carbon footprint and/or less impact on the environment. Eco-hero nominees may be chosen for a particular personal effort, for volunteer efforts in the community, and/or for their work within groups or organizations.

Some past eco heroes include Diane Swann who has greened her home and commutes 18 miles to her Sacramento job 3-4 times a week on her electric assist bike. Read about how she has become a bike advocate here  .

Robyn Waxman has a series of public farms, called F.A.R.M. that give people a chance to try growing food. Learn about how she incorporates agriculture into her life, all for her daughter’s sake, here .

Danielle Lee served as the Sustainability Coordinator for the food services at UC Davis where she built a student team to manage waste diversion, composting and education, too. She encouraged students to eat less animal-based products as a great way to reduce their carbon footprint and sourced more local foods for use in the dining commons. Read more about her here.

Climate Solution Awards for Businesses, Non-profits, and other groups were established to recognize local businesses, non-profits, and groups for their exemplary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or lessen their impact on the environment within their organization, in our local community, and/or in the world.

Davis Bike Collective is a volunteer-run, nonprofit community bicycle organization that teaches community members to repair their bikes and provides a well-equipped, affordable shop where they can work. Read about how the Bike Collective empowers people to reduce their environmental impact here  .

Local Government Commission with Judy Corbett as its executive director is a Sacramento-based nonprofit that works with local government leaders throughout California to promote livable communities. Read how the commission produces and shares practical resources and brings local government officials together to learn from one another and from experts as they create local solutions to increasingly global challenges here.

April 27 Earth Day Awards and Celebration
The awards will be presented on Sunday afternoon, April 27, 2014 during a special public Earth Day celebration, “Call of the Wolf,” featuring “Stories from the Wolf Den” by storyteller Tom Wade and “Journey” a dramatic dance with poetry narration depicting the lone wolf who wandered into California. The performance and awards take place at the Vets Memorial Theater. A reception will follow. Time to be announced.

Nomination Forms
Nomination forms are due by noon, Monday, March 10 to     Again, click  Eco-hero_Nomination_Criteria_2014_ for information on criteria.   Click Eco-hero_2014_Nomination_Form to view the application form for nomination.