The City of Davis has announced that a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) Community Resilience and Equity workshop will be held Thursday, May 27, at 5 p.m. The link for the Zoom meeting is:

The City has created a CAAP email list and an online survey (in English and Spanish) that can be accessed on the CAAP web page at (click on CAAP link under the Spotlight section). The Community Resilience and Equity workshop was added to the schedule of CAAP community engagement in response to input and dialogue with stakeholders and has been designed in response to these comments. The goals of this meeting are to:

  • Listen to the lived life experience of community members impacted by climate change
  • Learn from each other about these impacts
  • Begin the discussion of how the CAAP plan and implementation can address equity and inclusion in the Davis context while solving for the risks of climate change and reducing greenhouse gases

The Community Resilience and Equity workshop will include two panels to address the above goals. A panel of Davis community members moderated by Mayor Gloria Partida will share their lived experiences in relation to climate impacts. A second panel moderated by Jonathan London, UC Davis faculty director of the Center for Regional Change and associate professor in the Department of Human & Community Development, will provide stakeholder and equity advocate responses to Davis community needs and provide recommendations to identify ways the community can incorporate community resilience and equity into the CAAP planning and implementation process.

As stated in the Resolution of the Council Declaring a Climate Emergency and Proposing Mobilization Efforts to Restore a Safe Climate adopted in March 2019, “Low-income communities, communities of color, the young, the disabled, the elderly and indigenous communities have suffered the gravest consequences of climate change, and remediation of these impacts requires the active consultation and protection of vulnerable and historically exploited populations.”

The City of Davis’s CAAP Update will create a roadmap to net municipal and community carbon neutrality in the short term, identifying maximum efforts to implement carbon reduction actions by 2030. The target for total carbon neutrality is 2040, five years ahead of California’s 2045 target. A key focus of the CAAP is to fully incorporate equity, inclusion and diversity in the Davis context into the project planning and outreach.

For specifics about the most recent workshop, read our follow up article.