As smoke from the Camp Fire hangs upon our community, many Cool Davis donors and volunteers are watching in anguish at the impacts of the fire on our neighbors to the north. As we contemplate the days ahead, each of us must do whatever we can to instill hope and build resiliency. We must continue to believe that if we act in concert, we can bring about a new beginning and a new hope. Please consider the ideas listed below as both positive and constructive approaches to the present and the future:

Climate disruption is upon us, propelling us forward together into a new landscape. It is clear we are just on the cusp of this new “abnormal” normal.

Please take to heart the message that each step we take in the right direction — no matter how small — adds up. Cool Davis would like to thank you for these many acts of hope, individual, neighborhood, and community based!

  • Thanks for each kind word, action, and donation for the victims of wildfire, hurricane, and flood.
  • Thanks for each person riding their bike instead of getting in their car, each retrofitted lawn that saves water, each home with LED light bulbs or solar panels on top, each e-bike or electric vehicle, and each plant-based meal.
  • Thanks for all the persons and organizations working hard each day to make a difference and put our climate and our community on the right track.
  • Thanks for the aid given to others here and abroad, especially helping the most vulnerable transform their lives and communities.

With my most sincere thanks,

Chris Granger, Executive Director Cool Davis

Ways to Give to Cool Davis this Thanksgiving Season


View to the east of the Yolo Bypass with I-80 to the left, taken November 15, 2018, enshrouded in a cloud of smoke from the Camp fire. Photo credit: John Johnston.