Low Impact Week

After the free showing of the film “No Impact Man” on February 23 2011, some Davis families participated in this week-long challenge to reduce their carbon impact by making one small change a day for a week.  You can take part any time – just follow the steps below!  Just add your comments below any post or email jemoores AT aol.com if you would like to submit a blog post

LandfillDay 1: Cut the Trash Americans generate about 4.6 pounds per person per day, partly because of wasteful and unnecessary packaging and partly because of excessive consumption.  Here are some tips on how repairing, reusing, recycling and careful purchasing can cut down on waste significantly.


Food from local marketDay 2: Bon Appetit! The average mouthful of food travels an estimated 1,500 miles to reach us, requiring a staggering amount of fossil fuel. Today we invite you to think about the food you eat and its relationship to your health.



Bikes at UC Davis Bus stop Day 3: Get Moving! The single largest contributor to Davis carbon emissions is our driving. Today, we ask that you use your travel time to get healthier, save money, and enjoy the scenery, too.



Save energy using sunshine Day 4: Save $$$s energetically! When it comes to energy, the first step before building new power plants or adding solar panels is always conservation. Today, we invite you to use less energy and save money.



Saving water can help save the environment Day 5: It’s shower time! In today’s world where water is growing scarce, every flush and shower counts.  With water becoming more precious and rates rising, everybody wins by conserving.