Low carbon travel

Local artist Danielle Fodor is looking for ideas and contributions and ideas for a mural dedicated to biking
Local artist Danielle Fodor is looking for ideas and contributions and ideas for a mural dedicated to biking

These are tips from Low Impact Week, which was held in February 2011 but can be done anytime!

The single largest contributor to Davis carbon emissions is our driving. Today, we ask that you use your travel time to get healthier, save money, and enjoy the scenery, too.

Davis is making strides to make biking, carpooling and public transit viable alternatives.

Try one or more of the following:

  • Got errands in town? Dress in layers and use a bike.
  • Plan your day so that you have time to take a walk or bike ride just for fun.
  • If you travel to work or school, use Unitrans, Yolobus or the Amtrak Capital Corridor Train.

Walking, hiking, and biking are all great ways to get in shape and stay healthy while minimizing your carbon footprint. For information on biking, check out:  www.davisbicycles.org, http://cityofdavis.org/bicycles/maps.cfmwww.davisbikeclub.org/ and www.davisbikecollective.org.   Try Bike Forth (intersection of 4th and L) to get free bike repair help or attend an Open Shop workshop on Monday nights.  If you need places to hike, see www.yolohiker.org.

“I used to bike only when it was warm and sunny. But then I found a used winter parka, some gloves and waterproof pants.  Now biking in the winter is comfortable and refreshing!” said Davis resident Juliette Beck.

Maria Tebbutt explains, “ By using our bikes more, my family found out that we needed only one car.  We got rid of our second car and spend less on transportation now.”

Do you have a good idea to share with your neighbors? Add your comment to the blog below!

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  • Alan Pryor

    OK – I admit it…the hardest thing for my family to do was get out of our gas guzzling cars. I think that is true for most Americans as we have had a love affair with our cars and the convenience that it provideas. But over time I have come to love the alternatives.

    Firstly, I never liked bikes and rarely use mine. I know that makes me an anomaly in Davis but they just do not not feel right to this old runner. Plus they make my butt stiff. But there are other ways to get around. I live in close proximity to Nuggett and Safewayas well as a slew of restaurants in South Davis . For light shopping and dining out, I just walk. It’s great exercise and and works off the excess calories so I can splurge on a desert now and then. For my larger shopping trips I broke down and bought a used GEM car. And what a kick it is to drive around. It reminds me of my first car (an old 1960 bug-eyed Sprite) except it only goes 25mph…that’s fast enough for me in Davis! Plus all the electricity for recharging is FREE because my solar PV system produces an excess over and above what I use in my home so this gives me a way to use it instead of sending it back to PG&E for nothing.

    For longer trips I use Amtrak whenever I can. I just had a great trip to Yosemite and took public transportation all the way! A bus to Stockton (you can also get the train there) then a train to Merced and a bus to Yosemite. It only took an extra 90 minutes compared to driving and it was the most relaxing trip to the mountains I ever had. The bus drops you off at the Ahwanee or the Yosemite Lodge or right at Camp 4 for the backpackers. And the shuttle bus routes in Yosemite now take you wherever you want to go…and faster than getting in your car to do it. Amtrak is perfect for heading into downtown Sacto and the Bay Area also with great connections to BART and Cal Train on the peninsula.

    Ditching the car 80% of the time is easier than you think and you’ll love the stress-free way to get around!

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