Cool Davis is forever encouraging community members to Get Involved — either with us, our partners, or any other organization or entity that is working to reduce emissions and build resilience. The recently wrapped up Earth Day Pledge included Get Involved actions like

  • Share about climate with 5 friends or family every month (talk about it!)
  • Start or join a neighborhood connecting, sharing, or safety group
  • Host a connecting event for your friends, family, neighborhood, church, or school
  • Volunteer with a climate or resilience organization, community garden, or school environmental club
  • Attend City Council and/or City Commission meetings for agenda topics related to climate and resilience

Our recently published, three part series about climate anxiety authored by Patricia Moore of 350Sac lays out some of the myriad benefits of collective action including enhanced well-being and generating “a stronger sense of hope, purpose, and connection.” She also includes lots of Get Involved ideas!

If you’re busy or just don’t have the time right now, consider a donation to a local org as your way to Get Involved! This Thursday is the Big Day of Giving … all day up to midnight … and local non-profits need your support! Visit the Cool Davis BDOG page where you can also browse for other organizations to spread your generosity! Stand with Cool Davis because the future belongs to everyone!

PLUS chances are … the workplace, social club, school, or neighborhood you are already a part of has a committee, representative, group, or gathering focused on the climate and reducing emissions! ASK AROUND!