By Patricia M. Moore, M.A., re-published with permission, see original post on the 350 Sacramento website.

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we explored how climate change is causing distress in many people, and how pro-environmental activity can help reduce or manage climate anxiety. Although individual action can positively impact mental health, collective action may have even greater effects on the human psyche. This third and final part of the series concludes with a list of resources to find support and connection during this transformational time of climate anxiety and action.

Part 3: Taking Collective Climate Action

As defined by Root Cause, “Collective action is the action taken together by a group of people who share knowledge, resources, and effort to achieve a common purpose.”

Collective action is not only imperative for tackling the climate crisis, it can also have a powerful impact on individual and community well-being. So whether you start a small environmental club at school, participate in a local climate action group, or join a global environmental justice movement, sharing that experience with others can help generate a stronger sense of hope, purpose, and connection.

3 Key Takeaways

  • If you’re worried or have anxiety about climate change, you are not alone.
  • Many people manage their climate anxiety by participating in climate action.
  • Collective action can provide help and healing – for you, your community, and the planet!

Climate Action Resources

The following resources offer information, community support, and opportunities for learning and participating in climate action.

*Indicates a youth-led or youth-centric resource.

  • 350 Sacramento[or your local org chapter]
    Grassroots climate justice organization focused on collective action, community, and policy at the local level.
  • Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE)*
    Educates and supports young people who want to take strategic climate action.
  • Climate & Mind
    Online resources about climate change and thoughts, emotions, and behavior.
  • Climate Awakening
    Small-group peer conversations about climate and emotion, guided by a clinical psychologist.
  • Climate Café®
    Informal gatherings where people get together to talk about climate change.
  • Climate Change Resources
    Online collection of resources to help people learn about climate change and take action.
  • Climate ChangeMakers
    Online platform where people get together weekly for an “hour of action” to make an impact on climate change.
  • Climate Reality Project
    International movement aiming to stop climate change and promote the transition to clean energy. Program started by Al Gore.
  • Commons Social Change Library
    Online repository of 1000+ resources in different formats aimed to help people make social change.
  • Fridays for Future*
    Youth-led global climate movement started by Greta Thunberg.
  • Generation Dread Book
    Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in the Age of Climate Crisis (Britt Wray, PhD.).
  • Student Environmental Activist Training (SEAT)*
    Presented by 350 Sacramento, the SEAT program is designed to help young people gain the tools they need for climate activism and community organizing.
  • Sunrise Movement Sacramento[or your local Sunrise chapter]
    Youth-centered movement to fight climate change, end fossil fuel dependence, and create good climate jobs.
  • Sustainability Stories (Netflix)
    Collection of films on Netflix relating to sustainability topics.
  • Work On Climate
    Online community where people can share or find opportunities for sustainability-related jobs and internships.

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Patricia M. Moore is a content and communication strategist with a passion for sustainability and social justice. When not researching and writing, you’ll find her spending time with family, walking her golden retrievers, or singing at the piano.