EV Charging Stations in Davis

Many people with an electric vehicle (EV) who use their car primarily for commuting may not be aware of charging options in town because they charge at home. Others who don’t have an EV yet may be inhibited from buying one because they’re concerned about charging options: in particular because they can’t charge at home. Those folks sometimes have to engage in quite a dance, but a good excuse to walk the dog, to get their cars charged. Here’s some basic info, an app to make it easy, and a current list of the chargers around Davis.

Davis does have a robust set of EV chargers in many parts of town with plans to expand availability significantly.

There’s an App for That

There are several apps that identify EV charging stations in a specified geographical area. One of the very best is PlugShare. PlugShare provides the locations of charging stations, pricing and, for smart stations, the number open on a real time basis. The app will also tell whether a charging station is “Level 2,” essentially a 240-volt charging outlet (alternating current like our homes) or a “Quick” or “Fast” Direct Current charging station. And it will tell you the plug type or types available at a specific location. See below for a link.

There are two 240v plug types, J1722 and Tesla’s proprietary plug configuration.

For DC fast charging there are three, CHAdeMO used by only Nissan and Mitsubishi, Combined Charging Systems (CCS), used by most other manufacturers and, again, Tesla’s proprietary plug type. There are very few Fast charging stations in Davis. The CCS 1 connector uses the J1772 charging inlet, and adds two more pins below. It “combines” the J1772 connector with the high speed charging pins, which is how it got its name. CCS is the accepted standard in North America.

The present and future of public charging in Davis

Many chargers are installed through a collaboration between the businesses that provide charging and the businesses that want EV owners stop in their parking lots. Some businesses, such as hotels and apartment complexes, restrict access to guests and residences only. Others, such as fast-food restaurants, will sell a charge to anyone with a credit or debit card. The City of Davis has required apartments and businesses as part of a development agreement to install charging stations. This has increased charging availability in many locations. The City is planning to upgrade many of the charging stations in downtown Davis as part of a SACOG grant. In addition, at least one hotel is planning to add charging stations.

The University has installed Level 2 chargers at multiple locations on campus including parking structures and many of the buildings on campus with general vehicle access.

Unfortunately, North Central Davis and West Davis are EV charging deserts. There are no chargers on the 113 corridor or Covell Blvd. An important way forward is to encourage apartments, businesses, and employers to install charging stations in these areas and others. Throughout the City, Fast charging sites must be developed since the vast majority of sites are currently Level 2.

EV owners and others who are interested could encourage businesses and apartment complexes to install charging (see financing options below).

Read about electric vehicle charging at the Muir Commons Community

Use the PlugShare app for an easy-to-use map of charging stations: 

Scroll down for a current list of electric vehicle charging stations in Davis!

Funds to install charging stations            

The PG&E EV Charge program is fully subscribed and not accepting any new participants. However, you can still sign up to receive alerts if the program re-opens.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) programs allow property owners to finance energy efficiency, water efficiency anew renewable energy projects on existing and in some cases new residential and commercial structures through a voluntary special tax assessment on the property. PACE programs provide financing for these types of improvements without requiring a down payment or payment of the full or partial up-front capital cost of the improvement. There are three approved PACE programs in Yolo County.

Grants for EV charging stations are periodically available through the California Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. Currently the page that serviced these grants is not found. Cool Davis will share any updates we obtain.

Visit our Drive Electric page for much more information.

Visit our Ways to Save page to up to date info on incentives for buying an electric vehicle.

Visit the Valley Clean Energy Electric Vehicles page

Donate that old fossil fuel clunker! Cool Davis has partnered with a vehicle donation charity that will pick up your old car for free and donate the proceeds to Cool Davis.

Davis Charger Locations   

South Davis

  • Oakshade Plaza: 16 Tesla DC fast plugs (Supercharger)
  • Air District Office: multiple Level 2 chargers for staff and visitors
  • Hyatt House Hotel: 4 J-1772 plugs; free for guests
  • Davis Diamonds: 2 J-1772 plugs
  • 7-Eleven Gas Station Mace Blvd: 1 DCFC combo (CHAdeMo/CCS), ChargePoint
  • Honda/Nissan/Chevy Dealers: J-1772 plugs, DC fast CCS/SAE, CHAdeMO plugs
  • McDonalds: 3 J-1772 plugs, Blink. McDonalds is partnering with Blink all over the State.
  • UC Davis Lot 80: Two Clipper Creek CS-40
  • UC Davis Research Park Drive: 3 J1772 plugs
  • Kaiser Clinic: 7 J-1772 7 plugs, SemaConnect

South Davis chargers

Downtown Davis

  • Bank of America: E Street- 7 plugs, CCS/SAE and CHAdeMO , Electrify America
  • Davis Commons:  2 CHAdeMO plugs, 2 CCS/SAE plugs, 1 J-1772 plug, EVgo
  • City Hall, Russell Blvd: 2 J-1772 plugs
  • E Street Plaza: Level 2
  • 4th Street Garage: Level 2
  • Amtrak Rail Station: 1 J-1772 plug, free, 4 hour limit
Downtown Davis chargers

East Davis

  • DMV: 2 J-1772 plugs, Enel X : Juice Box. The power for this station is supplemented by solar panels with battery storage.
  • UC Agriculture and Natural Resources: 2 locked J-1772 plugs, Clipper Creek
  • Creekside Apts: 2 J-1772 plugs, ChargePoint
  • Wildhorse Golf Course: 2 J-1772 plugs
  • Residence Inn Hotel: 10 J-1772 plugs, ChargePoint
  • Target Shopping Center Area: 18 J-1772 plugs, ChargePoint, free for first 2 hours
  • Bank of America: 2 J-1772 plugs

East Davis chargers

UC Davis

  • All Level 2 – Gateway Parking Structure; Quad Parking Structure
  • Lot 1, Lot 25, Lot 26, Lot 27, Lot 31, Lot 35, Lot 44, Lot 49, Lot 55, Lot 56, Lot 57, Lot 80
  • Hopkins District Lot, Bargain Barn/ Custodial, Bowley Science Center, CR Hopkins, Fire/Police, Sciences Lab/Haring Hall, University Garage, Wickson Hall, Thoreau, Viridian, Lot 42

UC Davis chargers

North Central Davis

  • LaSalle Apartments: 2 J-1772 plugs, ChargePoint

North Central Davis chargers

West Davis

  • Portage Bay Apartments: 2 J-1772 plugs, ChargePoint



West Davis chargers


This article is based on a presentation made by Chris Granger, Executive Director of Cool Davis, at the June 8 2022 meeting of the Davis Electric Vehicle Association. DEVA is an active group of EV enthusiasts that welcomes new members who want to advocate for a transition to electrical vehicles in the Davis community. Email deva@cooldavis.org to get on their mailing list for notices of their every other month meetings and special events in partnership with Cool Davis.