As the darkest day of 2020 has passed and the pandemic continues to spread, we recognize and support the commitment of our health care community and other frontline workers. Their fortitude and endurance shine through this darkness. But they need our help. We also recognize the need to continue to support food and shelter programs and our local business community! So, please, don’t share air, give when and where you can, and stay safe! 

Your actions and experiences matter!

We are so grateful to those of you who have supported Cool Davis this year with your volunteer hours, donations, partnerships, and pledges into 2021. With your help, we are continuing to work toward the goal of climate stability right here in Yolo County, despite our challenging health situation.

  • We continue to deliver educational programs and information supporting households in their decisions via our new online tools and #LiveCoolDavis YouTube Channel. 
  • The Cool Davis Communications team continues to bring your the latest news about climate impacts, science, solutions and advocacy through our web blogs, e-Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel as well as regular articles in the Davis Enterprise. Make sure you are signed up!
  • Our Ride Cool and Solar campaigns in partnership with DEVA and SacEV delivered Davis’s special version of National Drive Electric Week last September, featuring over 14 home tour videos from homeowners and 2 special webinars (visit#LiveCoolDavis).  
  • Despite the pandemic this year, Cool Davis expects:
    • 300+ zero emission vehicles to be added to our local fleet 
    • Several new fast charging stations will be installed
    • 300+ households will add solar 
  • Cool Davis staff and volunteers have continued to answer questions, distribute our checklist, and provide households with connections to experts on topics such as home battery backup systems, replacing solar when you re-roof, and adding solar to cover new loads like electric vehicles or installing electric home heating. Got a question? Contact us at
  • Thanks to partners at UC Davis Energy Conservation Office, our home energy efficiency and conservation program staff and volunteers are developing a new workshop and materials for homeowners seeking to reach a zero net emissions (ZNE) future. These new online workshops will be launching in early spring! This new ZNE content will be featured on our Heating and Cooling page. In the meantime: check out this recent article about cooking with an induction stovetop!
  • The Coalition continues to meet quarterly. 
    • Check out their most recent meeting and webinar @ Building a Resilient Community.
    • Our DEVA Working Group continues to bring you their bi-monthly meetings featuring electric vehicle experts, the newest car news, tips on buying used, and much more! Sign up for their mailing list and subscribe to their playlist on our YouTube channel.
    • Our other working groups are still going strong — Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice, Cool Cuisine, Davis Futures Forum, and Waterwise. You can connect to them and join them online at their regular activities and events. Make sure you are on their email lists for announcements.

Thank you to our staff & volunteer leadership!

Board and Board Committee Members: Carol and Dick Bourne, Jason Bone, Larry Greene, Kristen Heinemeier, Johannes Troost, Michael McCormick, Dina Owens (look for two new board members this coming month!)

Staff: Chris Granger, Leslie Crenna, Chrissy Backman, Erin Reddy

Admin, Program Volunteers, and Interns: Marsha Baird, Sophie Duhameau, Sharon Hale, Michael Kluk, Monica Parisi, Nayelie Quezada, Emily Severeid , Alex Silva-Sadder, Johan Verink, Ian Whaling, Nicole Whiting, Larissa Lomen, Anthony Montes 

Solar Campaign Task Force: Jon Gemma, Aztec Solar; Aaron Nitzkin, Solar Roof Dynamics, John Walter, RepowerYolo; Tessa Tobar, Valley Clean Energy

Heating & Cooling ZNE Project Team: Joshua Morejohn, Rhys Davis, Kiernan Salmon, Dick Bourne

Coalition & Working Group Leaders and Volunteers: Jan Beange, Richard Bode, Jim Cramer, Judy Corbett, Leslie Crenna, Sandra Hall, Alan Hirsch, Gail Kennedy, Lorenzo Kristov, Robin Kozloff, Elizabeth Lazensky, Jim Morgan, Lynne Nittler,  Scott Ragsdale, Anya McCann, Katrina Sutton, Tim Tutt, Robert Poeschel, Barbara Gardner.

Thank you to all our Sponsors and Partners who provide us with financial and/or in-kind support! Especially Aztec Solar, The City of Davis, The Bike Campaign, Bike Davis, Citadel Roofing and Solar, Davis Friends Meeting, Davis Media Access, Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, Lori Prizmich & Associates, Plug-in America/Electrify America, Non-Profit Insurance Alliance, RepowerYolo, SacEV, Sierra Club Yolano Group, Solar Roof Dynamics, Tree Davis, United Methodist Church of Davis, Valley Climate Action Center. 

And thank you to our Donors!

In gratitude for your support and continued commitment to transform our community, thank you …

Amy Abramson, Mike Adams, Cynthia Anders, Frances Andrews, Meg Arnold, Marsha Baird, Lisa Baker, Bernadette Balics, Ken Beck, Mark Berman, Shirley Biscotti, Craig Blomberg, Jason Bone, Verena Borton, Dick & Carol Bourne, Nicole Bourne, Barbara Bower, John Bruhn, Dawn Calciano, Dorothy Callison, Manuel Carbahal, Joseph & Mary Cech, Carolyn Chamberlain, Barbara Clutter, Michael Corbett, Sheila Cordrey, Kathy Coulter, Jim Cramer, Diane Crumley, Bill Dakin, Michele Darling, Christopher Dewees, Bruce & Marilyn Dewey, Elisabeth Dubin, David Dycaico, Ken Eckey, Anthony Eggert, Joy Elson, Chuck Cunningham, Anne Marie Flynn, Frank Fox, Stacie & Lucas Frerichs, Brian Gegan, Kathleen Gill & Greg Stoner, Chris Granger & John Johnston, Larry & Bev Greene, Sharon Hale, Sandra Hall, Ann Halsted, Sandra Hamel, Kevin Hanks, Rachel Hartsough, Kristin Heinemeier, William Heinicke, Maren Heise, Jim Higgins, Ashley Hill, Marc Hoeschele, Marc Hoshovsky, Anne Huber, Yvonne Hunter, David Ichikawa, Jean Jackman, Gail Jankowski, Elise Parnes & Johannes Troost, Alessa Johns, Robert Johnson, Willie Klassen, William Kopper, Lorenzo Kristov, Janet and Joe Krovoza, David Kukis, Autumn Labbe-Renault, Bill & Laura Lacy, Elizabeth Lasensky, Kelly Lazzaroni, Karen Leyse, Meaghan Likes, Becky Linvill, Kerry Daane Loux, Diane Makely, Alisa Manzano, Richard & Anya McCann, Michael McCormick, Judy Moores, Don Morrill, David Morse, John Mott-Smith, Patricia Moule, Kris Muller, Lynne Nittler, Gloria Partida, Karin & Jeff Pelz, Anthony Philipps, Robert Poeschel, Robert Poppenga, Matthew Price, Ann Privateer, Lori Prizmich, Alan Pryor, Scott Ragsdale, Eric Roe, William Roe, Nancy Roe, Nan Rowan, Meghan Russell, Michael Russell, Charlene Sailer, Alan Hirsch & Vera Sandronsky, Don Saylor, Rita Seiber, Jennifer Short, Chris Soderquist, Dan Sperling, Anna Steel, Steve Stombler, David Studer, Margo Surovik, Katrina Sutton, Robert Thayer, Craig Thomsen, Robert Traverso, Jeff Tweddale, Michael Van Berg, Pamela Vanderbilt, Marc Vayssieres, John Walter, Lindsay Weston, Stephen Wheeler, Nicole Whiting, Matt Williams, Prescott Williams, Neil Willits, Bruce & Lois Wolk, Judith Wydick, Rick Wylie, Brian and Li Youngs, Barbara Zadra, and James Zanetto.

Michael McCormick

President Cool Davis Board of Directors

P.S. If you haven’t done it yet, please donate or consider setting up a recurring contribution for 2021. Your contribution is so important! It sets the stage for the next steps in the transformation of our community. An ongoing pledge will mark your commitment to the next 10 years of work together!