As election day came and went and wins and losses continue to emerge, the United States quietly completed the process of exiting from the Paris Climate Accords.  In the midst of acts of racial violence and injustice throughout the summer and another season of record setting temperatures and wildfires, voters continue to choose candidates who do not recognize the social and climate crises we face.

If nothing else, recent events have demonstrated the power and necessity of local action, preparedness, and equity as we go forward. Regardless of election outcomes or the U.S. departure from the Paris Accords, we have always had the ability to act locally — as individuals and community.  We the people, of our street, our neighborhood, and our town, must lead the way. Our fierce determination to take action at the local level endures. You are not alone in your dedication! Cool Davis is with you!

Cool Davis as your local climate action organization is asking you to act. Join us and donate what you can!

Your gift of $100 will keep our baseline operations going strong in 2021!

Gratitude, Cool Davis style

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with partners, Coalition members and dedicated working groups like Cool Cuisine, Davis Electric Vehicle Association, Davis Futures Forum, Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice, Waterwise, and READ-Y.  Together we set new standards, create new programs and mechanisms for action.

As we build on decades of local policy, the City and County continue to respond.  In 2019 Davis passed a Climate Emergency Resolution dedicating the City to carbon neutrality by 2040 and called for the update of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan which is moving forward.  County Supervisors last month responded to the Yolo Climate Emergency Coalition and passed a similar resolution!

Your donation helps us to continue supporting and nurturing local collaboration!

As we continue to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary we look forward with hope into 2021. We pledge to engage more households in transforming their lives and working together to build a more resilient community.

  • Cool Davis works with households like yours in planning their next actions on the Cool Home Checklist.
  • Homeowners all over the community are on the verge of achieving our community Double Up on Solar goal with 4,000+ households successfully installing solar. This is 90+% of the way to the campaign goal.
  • Cool Davis’ Heating & Cooling Make a Plan programs for home energy conservation offer households simple low-cost solutions, resources to help you in heat emergencies, information on how to evaluate innovations like battery backups, and strategies to replace natural gas with all electric.
  • Cool Davis’ Ride Cool Campaign still brings you Electric Vehicle education now online. Over 2000 electric vehicles are registered in Davis and new vehicle charging stations are being built.
  • Cool Davis Coalition and working groups (Davis Electric Vehicle Association, Davis Futures Forum, Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice, Waterwise, and READ-Y) continue on-line and in the community with the support of Cool Davis staff, tools and resources.
  • In 2020 we made all this available in online webinars and YouTube videos at #LiveCoolDavis.

Your donation now can keep all this important work going in 2021!

In this time of challenge — join us in this work, make your own plan and give to help others make theirs!

Your actions and fierce determination must make the difference!

Michael McCormick
President Cool Davis Board of Directors
FIERCE DETERMINATION. Photo credit Johan Verink.


No matter what progress we make, there’s always more to do!

Join the City and County as they plan the next 10 years of efforts!

Make your 10 year transformation plan too!


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It matters where you put your money!

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