Over a decade ago, a group of concerned community members responded to the call from the City of Davis to assist with the implementation of its first and groundbreaking Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. We and many others — members of the Climate Action Planning Team, neighborhood Low Carbon Diet teams, faith-based Davis Green Sanctuary Committees, and 350 organizers — set our sights on a new mission.

We founded Cool Davis to “inspire our community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all,” while having fun!

Our immediate goal was to engage people like you — from churches, organizations, and businesses — in working to significantly reduce your carbon emissions by 2015 and to achieve community wide carbon neutrality by 2050, a goal recently reset to 2040.

We started by organizing the first of five Cool Davis festivals to introduce ourselves to the community. It has been hard work, but we have yielded meaningful and positive results! In this 10th anniversary year, the City recognized Cool Davis for its community based environmental work, but we have much left to do.

Today, Cool Davis campaigns and other efforts assist households in making change through so many exciting activities. Your contribution now will allow Cool Davis to continue to assist households with these programs and approaches:

We are proud that the organization we founded has moved our community closer to its goals, but climate impacts are mounting all around us. After a decade of continued climate science revelations and growing political and social turmoil, we see an ever greater need for Cool Davis to promote sustainable living and environmental justice at the local level.

Now it is necessary to go deeper and recommit ourselves, and we need your help. Our next decade of work will set the stage for the future.

If you haven’t given recently or ever to Cool Davis, now is a special time to reengage with us for the next 10 years.

Please join us and make a generous contribution. Signify your commitment to this work. Help us continue to serve our City and neighborhoods by promoting sustainable and regenerative behaviors here in Davis, while having fun!

Judy Moores, Founder

Lynne Nittler, Founder

There are many ways to give to Cool Davis! Consider one that works for you!

  • Donate online! Make a pledge donation to support the next 10 years of work!
  • Contribute by check: Make checks payable to Cool Davis and send to P.O. Box 4013, Davis CA, 95617
  • Donate your old car!