We here at Cool Davis are working to adapt and respond to the challenges due to COVID-19 and our shelter-in-place directive. We are well, working from home, and meeting regularly online. We are continuing to work at the service of our community as we have for the past 10 years. We have been forced to cancel or postpone many of our in-person events but are shifting to online delivery of near term scheduled events. We will inform you of changes to events via our social media channels, web posts, and email messages. For our close partners, Coalition, working groups, and volunteers, we are now communicating via teleconferencing in addition to already well-established digital methods.

Response to COVID-19 

We are continuing to monitor health advisories and we urge compliance with Yolo County Health Department directives. We strongly encourage community members to follow the directives and guidance of local and state authorities including social distancing, hand washing, and calling your doctor if you become symptomatic. We stand ready to support and amplify messages from the City of Davis as this situation develops.

Cool Davis activities

Stay tuned to our social media channels for the unveiling of a vlog (video blog) series focused on energy efficiency featuring our own Chrissy Backman, Energy Field Coordinator. Home energy bills will be increasing due to sheltering in place. There is so much homeowners and renters can do to lower their energy bill and reduce their emissions at the same time. As long as we’re stuck at home, why not work on improving comfort and peace of mind?

For more details about Cool Davis plans and activities, read this post from our board president, Michael McCormick.

Some bigger picture data: Emissions have plummeted

One unintended result of the sheltering directive and the limits on commerce is a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. While this is not the way we wanted to achieve these gains, with the attendant healthcare system impacts, deaths, and likely economic fallout for those most vulnerable, the upper atmosphere, nevertheless, is getting a reprieve of undetermined length. See these two articles about dropping emissions:

“Coronavirus: Nitrogen dioxide emissions drop over Italy” https://phys.org/news/2020-03-coronavirus-nitrogen-dioxide-emissions-italy.html

“Airborne Nitrogen dioxide plummets over China,” https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/146362/airborne-nitrogen-dioxide-plummets-over-china

Our new shelter-in-place lifestyle presents opportunities for change:

  • we may work at home more in the future
  • we may connect more with neighbors
  • we may support local businesses more
  • drastic steps can be taken to combat real and present dangers and the community can respond
  • it is possible to make significant changes for the common good, governments at all levels can work together, and experts and scientific information can be successfully disseminated and heeded.

Community resilience

Cool Davis conducts its work with a community development lens, and community resilience is key to our response to climate change. A resilient community is connected at several levels and information is shared freely and well. Households and groups come together over shared values to protect and care for each other.

Community resilience is also key for responding to the COVID-19 virus. Cool Davis is committed to the overall resilience of our community including adapting to impacts from climate change as well as health risks. In that spirit, we offer the following general recommendations concerning the COVID-19 virus and our community’s response:

  • We encourage community members to check in on each other during this outbreak, especially vulnerable folks who live alone or who have health challenges. A resilient community is a connected community.
  • Despite these challenges – and many believe disruption is the new normal as climate impacts compile and intensify – there is good news: we are strong, our environment is strong, and we will all meet this moment the best way we can.
  • We are all realigning our priorities. We are all thinking about what matters most and envisioning a positive future.

Community support resources

  • Support your local news sources, get a subscription: The Davis Enterprise and The Davis Vanguard
  • Join the Facebook Group: Covid-19 Yolo Community Response
  • See the Davis Chamber of Commerce website for a list of businesses currently OPEN
  • Support the evolving COVID-19 Community Benefit Fund through Yolo County to assist local nonprofit organizations and individuals affected by the Coronavirus
  • Sutter Health Davis accepting donations of new and unopened supplies (call 530-759-7477 to coordinate) per Supervisor Saylor
  • If you or others are in crisis, call the Davis suicide prevention line: 530-756-5000
  • Contact our Davis homeless coordinator, Ryan Collins RCollins@cityofdavis.org at 530-979-4561, for finding motel room for unhoused in Davis (per Supervisor Jim Provenza)
  • Learning@Home is scheduled to begin rolling out April 13 for DJUSD students; Chromebooks are available for students without computer equipment at home https://www.davisenterprise.com/local-news/school-district-prepares-details-of-home-learning-material/?utm_source=DE&utm_campaign=1e0eda8b23-Daily_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_be64fee185-1e0eda8b23-171010201