Cool Davis is pleased to introduce Erin Reddy, our new Campaign Manager! Erin enthusiastically embraces the Cool Davis mission to inspire the Davis community to reduce GHG emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all.  This job is just the kind of work she wants to do to contribute to a more livable future for us all.  In addition, the Campaign Manager role is an exceptional fit for her skills and training.

Erin grew up with a strong environmental ethic. She took the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to heart, and by high school she was already volunteering for the Sierra Club. In college at UC San Diego, she majored in Ecology and participated in environmental clubs. She studied abroad in Costa Rica, a country known for its care of the environment.  Before going on to graduate school, she worked as an Outreach Specialist at an urban forestry non-profit, where she gained experience highly relevant to the Campaign Manager role.  In 2011, she received a Master of Science in Ecology from UC Davis.

Erin says, “I appreciate the beauty of nature and care about the intrinsic value of life on our planet. I see the disconnect between much of humanity and our relationship with the environment as a great shame. I want to prepare future generations to understand what has been lost and adapt and restore our environment in new ways.”

Erin had heard of Cool Davis years ago, having attended a festival, and when she saw the recent job posting on the website of one of our Coalition partners, her heart leapt! Since graduating from UC Davis, she had been searching for a job that called to her, working mainly in state government and environmental consulting, but this was the perfect opportunity.  “Finally, a job where I feel at home,” said Erin.

As the Cool Davis Campaign Manager, Erin will be responsible for the overall development, planning, and implementation of campaign strategy as well as overseeing the activities of Field Coordinators and their volunteers.  She will capitalize on her experience in database management, content development, and outreach.  She will also set goals and benchmarks for achieving targets, and test marketing strategies.

While not at work, Erin will continue to sing in the Davis-based Vocal Art Ensemble and to run a group called the Sacramento Environmental Wellness Club. The purposes of the club are to attend existing events and plan and implement new events that promote a state of good health for individuals and the Earth. In a year and a half, membership has grown to over 350, and well over 100 events have been held.

In the coming months, you can expect to see Cool Davis accelerating its pace in making headway on our campaigns, largely in part to Erin’s new work as Campaign Manager!