Davisites, biking in our region is about to get more exciting! A new electric-assist bike-share system is coming to Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento this summer. The purpose of the new system is to enhance mobility, encourage active lifestyles, improve air quality, and provide an alternative option to driving.

JUMP Bikes is launching the new bike-share system in Davis. JUMP Bikes is a private bike-share business that will operate the first fully electric bike-share system in the United States in Davis, Sacramento and West Sacramento. The bikes will begin to roll out in May and June. Together, guided by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, leaders from Davis, Sacramento and West Sacramento have been working hard on bringing bike-share to our community.

Before the bikes arrive in Davis, we want to know where you would like to see bike-share hubs (designated parking spots for the e-bikes).

Here are some of the questions to consider when proposing a bike-share hub. Is this a destination that attracts residents and visitors? Should bike-share be located near your workplace to connect people to their jobs? What neighborhoods should bike-share connect to?

Over the next month you can tell us your thoughts by:

* Suggesting bike-share hubs at sacog.org/bike-share;

 * Sharing your thoughts at the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday, March 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We will have an electric-assist JUMP Bike on display at the Farmers Market, so come by and check it out!

In addition to public outreach events I want to share with you some questions and answers about bike-share.

How do the bikes work?
JUMP bikes are similar to traditional bikes but they have an electric-assist low-speed motor, which provides a boost whenever you pedal. These bikes allow for people to climb hills and navigate our streets and pathways with ease. The bikes have onboard active GPS, a payment system, a front basket, bike lights and reflectors, and a bike lock. JUMP Bike members can find bikes using the website, phone application or by searching for bikes within the service area.

What are the benefits of bike-share?
Bike-share can be used to help people get to transit stops more easily, connect to different neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, jobs and for getting a little exercise in a fun way. Electric bikes make it easier for people to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time. And you probably won’t sweat when riding!

How many bikes will Davis receive?
The region will be receiving 900 bikes this summer. The distribution of bicycles within the region is still being determined. Over time, the number of bikes in Davis and UC Davis could grow as demand for the bikes increases.

How much will bike-share cost?
The user fees for bike-share have not been determined yet. SACOG is working with JUMP to set user pricing levels. JUMP Bikes provides their other systems with the BOOST program, which offers lower fares to people enrolled in public assistance programs. We anticipate a similar program will be offered in Davis. JUMP is also considering student and corporate rental rates.

How do I request a JUMP Bike hub on my private property?
Send us an email at Bikeshare@sacog.org letting us know where you would like the bike-share hub. Please include your contact information and details about the location.

How fast will these bikes go?
The California Vehicle Code currently limits the speed of electric-assist bicycles to 20 mph. City staff is working with JUMP Bikes to determine if a lower maximum speed is appropriate for Davis.

How old do I need to be to ride a JUMP bike?
SACOG is still discussing this restriction with JUMP Bikes. Typical age restrictions for bike-share systems range from 16 to 18 years old, while some targeted youth programs allow riders as low as 13 years old.

Where can you ride e-bikes?
These bikes can be ridden anywhere you ride a traditional bike.

Where can I park a bike?
You can park a JUMP Bike at any bike rack within the service area. Bikes must be parked at bike racks. There probably will be an incentive to encourage people to park their bikes at electric charging stations.

Who maintains the bikes?
JUMP Bikes maintains the bikes. JUMP is responsible for operating the JUMP Bike-Share system as the private operator. No public funds will be used to operate or maintain the system.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions about the new electrified JUMP Bikes. As we approach the system launch, I will have more details to share about operations. I am excited about JUMP Bikes arriving in Davis and seeing people riding them around to get to where they are going quickly and conveniently. Find more information about this project at sacog.org/bike-share.

Please take the time to share your thoughts about bike-share in Davis by participating online or at one of the in-person events. Please send any comments specific to bike-share directly to Bikeshare@sacog.org. If you have any other comments or questions related to biking and walking in Davis, please send me an email at jdonofrio@cityofdavis.org.

— Jennifer Donofrio is the city of Davis’ bicycle and pedestrian coordinator; her column is published monthly.

Crossposted from the Davis Enterprise
Published online February 26, 2018
Printed February 28, 2018 edition page A5