On December 2nd  the Davis Green Drinks chapter hosted Danny Kennedy, Managing Director of the California Clean Energy Fund, who spoke about the clean energy revolution taking place all over the planet.

It was one of the most uplifting conversations we’ve had locally in this post-election season.

The bottom line is that nothing can stop the momentous shift in the production and use of renewable energy already taking place across the world.

Our own Yvonne Hunter sent proof in the form of a Moroccan solar system.

We can also see the power of this transformation here in our own backyard. We are so close to our goal of 500 new solar systems in 2016, and are looking brightly towards 4,500 systems by 2020 across our community!

While local engineers, scientists, bankers, solar entrepreneurs, community volunteers, and business and political leaders are bringing their talent and dollars to this effort, homeowners are the core of our efforts, and neighbors, we are making it happen!

Cool Davis is a verb!

There’s a lot more work to do to reach the City’s 2020 benchmark of 28% below 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Together we can bring an attitude of confidence and joy to our work that is infectious. So if you’re looking for a way to take action in the New Year, Cool Davis has some ideas for you!

Moroccan home with solar panels Oct 2016
Moroccan home with solar panels Oct 2016. Photo credit Yvonne Hunter, Chair Cool Davis Energy Efficiency Working Group.

Give Cool!



Make your plan and get busy on the next action!

Chris Granger, Executive Director Cool Davis.
Chris Granger, Executive Director of Cool Davis. Photo credit Yvonne Hunter.

Remember that Cool Homes GHG reduction checklist? It’s time to review what you have accomplished so far and set a goal for the next few things in the New Year! Make a plan! Tell us your story!

Everything we do here can make the difference for those with fewer resources around the world!

Make the decision to go solar this year!

Pledge to Double Up on Solar! and add to our growing list of Power Pioneers! Help double home solar systems in our town by 2020! We are driving towards 4,500 home based solar systems totally 21 megawatts!

We remain grateful for all you do every day!  In acting together we embody the hope and change needed in our community and on this planet!


Christine Granger, Executive Director

El Rayito mascot of the Double Up on Solar campaign. Available for your local event!