December 2, 2016

Every year we’re faced with the choice of letting the holidays stress us out with a frenzied dash to make that list and check it twice or to allow the season to be a source of joy and inspiration.

Most of us probably manage to fall somewhere in the middle. But do we make the most of the opportunity?

This year take the time to give generously and make a difference with the Cool Davis Give Green Shop Local guide. If you already have some thoughtful gift ideas in mind, please share them on our Cool Davis Facebook page or send us a Tweet of you making that conscientious choice. If not, read on!

Shop local

Downtown Davis is filled with enterprising independent small business owners who give back to the community, employ our residents, and — darn it — offer up fabulous gifts.

Find local businesses at the Davis Chamber of Commerce website and Davis Downtown website. Or plan for a weekend or evening stroll and discover some of the best Davis has to offer.

Try the Davis Farmer’s Market for edibles, the Artery or Pence Gallery for functional beauty, and the Davis Art Center Holiday Sale this weekend to support a great cause.

Give a handmade or reused or repurposed gift

Put those knitting or crochet skills to good use, assemble a delicacies food basket, or make some stunning jewelry. Record bedtime stories for grandchildren or a homemade book of family memories.

Davis local thrift stores are all deserving charities: Right & Relevant, Goodwill, and SPCA. Prepare family that you might be giving a gently used item a new lease on life this winter.

Give an experience, not a thing

Tickets to a Davis Musical Theater Company show, Acme Theater Company, or a Davis Food Co-op Cooking class could benefit you, your loved one, and these awesome organizations!

How about a local restaurant gift certificate or a bird watching walk with the Yolo Audubon Society. What a great way to ensure some quality time together in the future.

Choose green goodies

Not all things are created equal: Think about giving a selection of low Kelvin LED bulbs (CFLs are so yesterday). How about a solar cooker? Or a solar cell-phone charger? A clothes drying rack might seem a bit domestic, but when else will they buy it? What about a gift certificate for an attic insulation service or a solar skylight? Maybe a compost bin or a worm bin are more your loved one’s style? How about a bike tune-up or a membership to Zipcar? Is an all-electric vehicle going a bit over budget? Maybe not for you.

Agree to a giving plan

Chat with family and friends and agree to a gift giving plan. One option is for everyone to bring one gift for a white elephant game. Another is to pick names out of a hat and choose a single thoughtful gift for the one you pick. Maybe your family will decide to only give gifts to the kids. Make sure to choose battery free toys whenever possible.

Give to those who need it most

Support local non-profits that support the health and resiliency of our community in the name of your loved one. We’re a bit partial to our partners but there are many deserving organizations in Davis.

For a full list of non-profits in Davis, check out Davis Wiki. A few more follow here:

Finally, give to Cool Davis and chalk it up as a carbon offset for all the holiday traveling you’ll be doing. When you give to Cool Davis, you can also designate some of our working groups or campaigns to receive the full benefit of your generosity:

We thank you and wish you a fulfilling holiday season. Now get out there and shop/create/collaborate! Or just take it easy with a warm cup of tea and some cookies. :)