“This is not about winning; there is no finish line, no election day, just a new opportunity each morning to encourage, educate, and build.”

— Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute, Santa Rosa, November 2016

Dear Neighbor,

As we face the greatest challenge of our time — global climate change — local leadership is more important than ever.  Whatever changes at the federal level, Cool Davis is committed to climate action in our community.

We are asking for your help and your donations to support this work!

For 100 years, Davis city leaders, technical experts, and policy innovators made difficult yet prescient decisions that shaped the community we live in today. Innovative bike infrastructure, energy efficiency and density policy, and greenbelts and parks make our community one of the most sustainable in the country.

This year we launched the Double up on Solar Davis Campaign! Our goal is to double the number of single family households with Rooftop Solar by 2020.  As we prepare to celebrate our centennial, we are encouraged by what we have built together and we take heart as we look forward to meet our future challenges.

Household by household and neighborhood by neighborhood transformation has begun. We see more solar panels, retrofitted yards, electric vehicles, and families and commuters riding bikes and buses every day. This year our focus is to support additional transformations by training teams of volunteers to help build a more resilient community. This is where your donation can help!

In the spirit of 100 years of history and hope for 100 more, please consider making a contribution of $100 dollars (or multiple $100 dollar donations!) so we can follow through on this vital work. Use the enclosed envelope and donation form or go to our website to donate.

Your generosity will have a big impact, especially when matched with your own next steps in this important journey.

Please contribute to Cool Davis today! We look forward to hearing your story about your next commitment to GHG reduction in the coming year!  As always — for our community and our planet!

Bill Heinicke, President
Cool Davis Foundation

P.S. There are many ways to take action now. Give to Cool Davis with your talent as well as your treasure and volunteer with us in the coming year! Donate your Car! Tell us your story of Climate Action!