April 4, 2016

The Cool Davis Communications Team is searching for talented and enthusiastic volunteers and/or interns to dedicate about 10 hours per month (or 2 hours a week).

Contact Leslie Crenna at lesliecrenna@cooldavis.org for more information or to get on board.

We are hoping for local community members who want to be a part of a team, follow through on assignments, and help advance the Cool Davis mission!

Experienced and fledgling writers are encouraged to help us craft “beats” and channel their passion for local sustainability!

What to Expect

Volunteers can expect convenient and brief staff meetings (via phone if necessary), a few small admin tasks, and one of these key roles:

  • Writer
  • Associate Editor
  • Website Assistant
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Publicist

We encourage adults in the community and UCD interns to join us!

A Communications Team orientation will be held in late April.

Contact Leslie Crenna at lesliecrenna@cooldavis.org for more information or to get on board.

Team Roles in Detail

Writers/Word Wranglers (it takes a whole bunkhouse full to make it happen): In our first few months, the Communications Team will be shaping a series of columns or “beats” that writers could take on as regular assignments.

Associate Editor Right hand guy/gal who can do everything the Communications Coordinator can do not to mention fill in for any of the other jobs if need be. Big responsibility and super important!

Newsletter Editor Pull together priority stories and distribute via email on a regular basis. Also includes cross-posting to Davis Enterprise, Davis Wiki, Davis Dirt, and the Davis Co-op newsletter for starters. This is a high priority must-have position.

Publicist Possible to separate distribution and publicizing tasks out from the Newsletter Editor (see above). If a publicist could be found, we could take promotion and cross-posting off that person’s plate. Connections in the community will be very helpful here.

Social Media Maven Help develop and follow strategic guidelines for social media redistribution on popular platforms. Needless to say, engaging and meaningful brevity is what it’s all about. Interns would be a great fit for this one!

Webmaster/Webmistress Assistant As part of our redesign process, we need a talented team player to comb through content for broken links, identify stories to be archived, and tidy up our tagging system. Could lead to overall responsibility for the right guy or gal.

Creative Engagement Guru Help develop and bring together strategies gleaned from other operational areas of Cool Davis to enhance engagement and deliver audience appropriate messages from flash mobs to potlucks.

Neighborhood Affairs Correspondent Oversee content generated or pertinent to neighborhoods and act as liaison between neighborhood leaders and Cool Davis. Help shape and develop neighborhood stories for various Cool Davis communications channels. Established neighborhood leaders strongly encouraged to apply!

Visual Design Associate Help Evan craft a coherent and compelling visual message. Future projects might include infographics, posters, green marketing goodies like bike plates, and more. Great for an intern as well as professionals in the field!

Copyeditor/Fact Checker Small but huge. Take a final look at everything that goes out. Attention to detail is a must including links, URLs, and names. Good experience for a career in fact checking or for a retiree who wants to be part of the team. Possibility of working entirely from home.