Review of article by Elena Krieger

The recent earthquake in the Napa area raises all kinds of concerns for us as we consider the implications of a serious quake closer to home. What if the quake causes a fire? What if the power is knocked out for days? How can we prepare for such a disaster so we survive with the least disruption? How can we plan for preparedness and resiliency both individually and as a community?

Elena Krieger took a serious look at the topic in her article “Quake shows need for resilient energy infrastructure,” and point the way for responsible planning ahead. Most cities in California now have Climate Action and Adaptation Plans, and city departments and citizen groups are tackling questions about preparedness for earthquakes and other disasters that could disrupt the energy grid and other vital systems. According to Krieger, our state clean energy and climate goals are a perfect opportunity for us to make our energy system even more resilient.

Krieger writes, Technologies such as distributed rooftop solar and microgrids, and switching from fuels like gas to electricity, play an important role in reducing the emission of carbon and criteria air pollutants — and in keeping the lights on, and the fires out, during a disaster.

For more information on her ideas, read the full article here. Stay tuned to for more on this topic in the future.