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Greywater Showcase: Reuse Water to Save Water

greywater mulch basin
Greywater from a laundry system is discharged into a mulch basin. Photo courtesy EcoAssistant.

Cool Davis partner Water Wise Davis, with support from the City of Davis, is hosting a Greywater Showcase in the Davis Senior Center Activity Room 646 A Street in Davis on Wednesday, July 12, from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Come and win one of two raffle prizes: parts kit for a laundry greywater system! This is a $100 value! Reserve your spot today! Drop-ins will be accommodated as long as there is space. This event is FREE!

The Greywater Showcase will feature a short presentation about the two basic types of greywater systems,a Q&A with a panel of greywater system owners, Read more

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