Travel Lite Challenge

logoTravel Lite challenge is an initiative launched by the Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice. On the first Sunday or main day of worship of each month, congregations across Davis are encouraged to keep track of who comes to church by walking, biking, bus, or car pool, for a friendly competition for the most CO2 savings. We will culminate in a month-long celebration in May.

Each church or place of worship will need a team to encourage biking and facilitate car-pooling, keep records, and encourage participation. If you want to get involved, please email lnittler AT

Here are some resources to get you going. Please use/amend/adapt as you wish:

You may also want to get hold of the following information for your table:

  • Display materials from the city (Unitrans schedule, Davis Bike Map, bookmarks with 7 basic rules of Bicycling Safety and ABC Quick Checklist, bike lights) – Ann Privateer has 10 copies of each for each participating church from our Davis bike coordinator, Davis “DK” Kemp.  Contact her to pick up your set at annprivateer AT
  • Cool Davis materials: Poster on Our Transportation Choices and Healthy for You and the Planet and ¼ flyer, 2-sided:  Average Davis household Carbon footprint and Cool Davis introduction – Cool Davis will provide laminated copies for each faith group
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