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Meet the Cool Davis Foundation Board of Directors! The role of the board is to support and promote the mission of Cool Davis in the community. Cool Davis also benefits from the advice and guidance of a Council of Advisors.

Michael McCormick

Michael McCormick’s road shot shows how Cool Davis board members are a little bit different.

Our current board members are

The board meets monthly and may be made up of as many as 15 members who have rotating 3-year terms.

Board Committees

The board has 4 active committees:

  • Governance
  • Community Relations and Fundraising
  • Operations
  • Programs

Would You Like to Be a Board Member?

We are always looking for new active board members. Let one of our board members know if you are interested in joining us in our rewarding and important work or contact us at

Dick and Carol Bourne

Dick and Carol Bourne

Dick and Carol Bourne exemplify industrious innovation. Photo credit: Yvonne Hunter.

Dick’s education includes a liberal arts degree from Amherst College and mechanical engineering degrees from West Virginia University (BS) and Stanford University (MS).

Dick formed a proprietorship in 1979 that grew to become Davis Energy Group (DEG) in 1981. As founding president, Dick led DEG’s product development efforts.

After 25 years with DEG, Dick joined UC Davis in 2006 to form the Western Cooling Efficiency Center. He retired from UCD in 2009 and in 2010 became part-owner of Integrated Comfort, Inc. to focus on the market opportunity for DualCool, a patented cooling efficiency product. Dick holds 21 US patents.  He enjoys various combinations of family, friends, bicycling, swimming, and travels with his wife Carol.

Carol earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts, and practiced nursing for most of her working career as an RN.  She worked as a hospital nurse in Morgantown, West Virginia, Palo Alto, California, Lincoln Nebraska, and Woodland California, and also as a home health nurse in Woodland.

Taking a respite from nursing with three children at home, Carol formed Perch Works soon after the Bournes moved to Davis in 1978.  Her firm manufactured and marketed artistic, award-winning children’s furniture until she returned to nursing in 1989.  Carol’s many passions include family events, cooking, bicycle touring, sustainability, and travels with her husband Dick.


Kerry Daane Loux

Kerry Daane Loux

Kerry Daane Loux. Photo Credit: Yvonne Hunter.

Kerry Daane Loux is a licensed Landscape Architect and an accredited LEED design professional. She first moved to Davis to attend UC Davis for her degree in Environmental Planning and Management, then returned in 1992 to raise her family.

Kerry says that Davis has been a wonderful ‘home town’ to raise her three daughters and manage her own business. Volunteerism has always been a priority for her, including gardening in the schools, serving as a Master Gardener and UC Davis Arboretum Naturalist, and as a Davis Odd Fellow member.

With its goals for awareness of climate change and carbon footprint reduction, Cool Davis is the right place to focus her energy.  Kerry first got involved by co-chairing the Cool Davis Festival in 2013 and 2012 and volunteering on several Cool Davis committees.

Kerry believes that with sustainability as the key word, we can encompass three inter-connected “E’s”: the economy, the environment, and (social) equity. She hopes to offer interpersonal and leadership skills, professional expertise, and connections in the community as part of serving as an active volunteer and effective Cool Davis Board member.


Bill Heinicke

Bill Heinicke

Bill Heinicke. Photo Credit: Yvonne Hunter.

As a school facility planner, Bill knows the impact our built environment can have on our actions – and vice versa.

As the a father of a teenage daughter, he also knows that the Cool Davis’s message can and must include communication with the youth of our community.

He believes their response will be inspiring to us all.

Bill was honored to be nominated and happy to join the Cool Davis Board. He likes the focus on action right here in our town.

While we are working on a global issue, Bill knows the solution starts with each one of us and the individual measures we can take to reduce our personal climate impact. Cool Davis provides information and support as we all do our part.



Lynne King


Lynne King. Photo Credit: Yvonne Hunter.

Lynne moved to Davis in December of 2015 to be closer to her daughter and their growing family. She has spent the majority of her life in Southern California where she worked as a bookkeeper and project manager for sustainable businesses, including a solar company and another that spearheaded the water conversation efforts of the 1990s.

Despite always living in a city, Lynne has always been passionate about the environment, growing up camping and spending lots of time at the beach. Lynne is excited to be a part of Cool Davis because she wants to see our world improve for her grandchildren.

Lynne also supports her daughter’s sustainable honey business, Sola Bee Farms. She enjoys living on their 160 acre solar-powered farm just outside of town, where she gets a front row seat to the beautiful elements of Yolo County that Cool Davis works so hard to protect.



 Michael McCormick

Michael McCormick

Michael McCormick understands the importance of local leadership. Photo Credit: Yvonne Hunter.

Michael McCormick first learned about City of Davis greenbelts and bike paths as an example of best practices as part of graduate school in urban planning. As an active transportation enthusiast and new Davis resident, he is proud to be part of this community — the history and the future that Davis is helping to create.

As one of the newest members of the Cool Davis Foundation Board of Directors, he is also excited to learn about the organization’s history and the role Cool Davis has served in supporting significant actions on climate change in the community.

As someone who works on California state policy, Michael understands the importance of local leadership. Local governments lead in so many ways. California and the nation continue to use local action as the inspiration for larger systemic change.

Cool Davis was formed to inspire our community to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all. Michael believes that just as California has led the country and the world down a path to faster and more effective environmental policy, Davis has the potential to influence California, the nation, and the world.

Living in Davis has allowed Michael to weave bicycling into his daily commute and life. His daughter is just getting started bicycling, but she loves that feeling of freedom and excitement as much as he did when he was a child.

Michael is a Senior Planner with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and an American Institute Certified Planner (AICP) who works on climate change and land use as a career, but it’s also his personal passion.


Ann Savageau

Ann Savageau

Ann Savageau. Courtesy Photo.

Ann Savageau is an artist whose work addresses a range of pressing environmental issues as well as the relationship between nature and culture. Much of her artistic work focuses on creative repurposing of post-consumer materials.

Ann taught studio art at the University of Michigan for 24 years before moving to Davis in 2003, where she taught Design at the University of California at Davis for 11 years. Ann created and taught two courses on sustainability for Design students and helped found the student-run Aggie Reuse Store on campus.

Ann retired in 2014 and she is now a full-time studio artist. Ann and her family practice resource conservation in many ways. They installed rooftop solar panels and converted their lawn to a beautiful and diverse garden of water-wise plants, fruit trees, and vegetables now a haven for a large population of insects.

Ann has been deeply connected to the natural world since her childhood on a ranch in Colorado and is dedicated to working toward a sustainable future. Being a member of the Cool Davis Board offers her the opportunity to continue this vital work. She hopes to bring a creative and fun vision to all Cool Davis efforts.


How about you?

We are always looking for new board members committed to our mission of having fun and working hard to gather the resources we need to engage our community! Contact us at to make your mark.

Past Board Members

Cool Davis attracts dedicated climate warriors who often stay on in various roles to continue the work of advancing our climate change goals.

Lynne Nittler

Lynne Nittler applies her teaching skills to the task of lowering our ghg emissions.

Lynne Nittler Past Board Secretary

Lynne Nittler joined Cool Davis before it became official, and now serves as secretary of the Board.  After 33 years as a secondary English teacher and K-12 Writing Coordinator in the Vacaville school district, Lynne looked forward to a quiet retirement of gardening, hiking, and serving in Village Homes where she has lived since its beginning in 1976.  However, as climate change became increasingly ominous, she felt compelled to devote herself to our necessary transformation from fossil fuel dependency to sustainable living.

Lynne writes, “I’ve always been an environmentalist, but I never imagined the threat of climate change that confronts us now.  For me, slowing climate change is a moral issue.  Serving on the board is one tangible way I can respond.”

She found herself in familiar territory developing curriculum such as the Cool Solutions tree and the Renter’s Guide to Sustainable Living, organizing workshops, and writing articles.  Lynne hopes to see Cool Davis  reach a point of financial maturity so it can support a strong public outreach program.


Judy Moores

Judy Moores helped to found Cool Davis to implement the Climate Action and Adaptation goals. She is a great vegetarian and vegan cook, too.

Judy Moores past Board President

Since childhood, Judy has loved being outside and teaching others about the natural world. In college, she studied biology. As a young woman and later as a mother, she worked to co-found two science museums. More recently, she led the effort to make the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis a Green Sanctuary, and co-founded Cool Davis to help implement the City of Davis’ Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

Judy has long been concerned about the negative impacts of humans on the planet – from extractive industries to polluted land, air and water to the extinction of species to global warming. With each new devastating climate report, she becomes more determined to help Davis reduce its carbon footprint, adapt to the changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all. She invites/urges all Davisites to join Cool Davis and work with us to make Davis a model of sustainable living.


Mark Tebbutt

Mark Tebbutt joins the Cool Davis Board with a background in accounting and a love of bicycling and living a low-carbon lifestyle.

Mark Tebbutt Past Board Treasurer

Mark Tebbutt brings some practical talents to the Board, and he is a perfect model for what Cool Davis promotes.  Mark’s skills include an accounting background and he has been involved in two start-up companies.  In addition, Mark has always been interested in living a fun and efficient lifestyle.  This has included solar energy, passive solar, bike riding and 32 fruit trees around his East Davis home.

Mark has always thought that a low carbon lifestyle is not only doable but a way of living that people will prefer once they learn all the positive aspects.  Mark looks forward to helping Cool Davis encourage folks to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle individually and as a community.  He believes what we do at the local level can make a significant difference in how we reduce and adapt to climate disruption.

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