There are many important climate related initiatives making their final way through the State Assembly and Senate. But some of the best have fallen to the wayside.  Below are some remaining initiatives to take action on this month and updates on others.

SB 252 Bill to have State Worker and Teacher Pension Funds Divest from Fossil Fuel

The Teacher and State Worker Pension Funds are some of the largest pension funds in the world.  The divestment bill, SB252, is in its second year of consideration. The bill was scheduled to be heard June 19th, for its first hearing in the Assembly but the hearing was canceled at the request of author.

A powerful coalition has been targeting California’s two main retirement systems with a firm call for divestment from fossil fuels over the next five years. Info on Senate Bill 252 – California Public Pension Divestment offers more details. It has already passed the CA Senate, and is now being considered in a committee of the CA Assembly.  Our own representative sits on that committee and is currently deliberating how to vote.  Please give Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry a brief phone call asking her to vote Yes for SB252 as soon as you read this!  We need her supporting vote which she has not yet declared. Thanks so much for your timely action on this important bill!

Sample script.  (Likely to be prompted to record a message, but an aide may take your message):  Hello. I’m (your name), from Davis, Woodland etc. …  I urge you to support Senate Bill 252, which requires our two CA state pension funds (CalPERS and CalSTRS) to divest from fossil fuels now!  Burning that gas and oil exacerbates the climate change that is already seriously harming our state. Thank you for voting yes for SB252!

For questions, please call Lynne Nittler at 530-756-8110.   Member of Fossil Free CA and founder of Cool Davis.

SB 1374, This bill needs your support to restore the ability of schools, renters, and farmers to benefit from rooftop solar passed the utility and communications committee last week 28-7 (so plenty of momentum) and the bill now goes to the Assembly (now scheduled) July 1st. The bill, SB 1374, is the one remaining piece of pro-solar legislation that has not yet been killed by the utilities.

Fossil Free and the Coalition of California Indivisible Chapters (CA State Strong) climate justice subcommittee asks that you make phone calls (or write) your Assembly Woman Aguiar-Curry (she is the Assembly majority leader) to vote yes on SB1374 and SB252 

  • Aquiar-Curry’s Davis office: Telephone: (530) 757-1034
  • Aquiar-Curry’s Sacramento office:  Telephone: (916) 319-2004

Climate Bond — The Climate Center still calling for a Climate Bond to be placed on the November ballot.   The legislature has until June 27 to introduce a climate bond for the November election.  Facing a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit, California is about to walk back critical investments in a climate-safe future. The best pathway we have to protecting climate resilience programs across the state is to introduce a robust, equitable climate bond on November’s ballot.

Yolo County Climate Action & Sustainability DRAFT CAAP Release 

(Find links to the release in the last portion of this email) The Public Comment Period will be open from June 7th, 2024 at 12:00 AM to July 10th, 2024 at 11:59 PM. To review the document and leave your feedback, please go to the Public Comment Portal at  See more in this Cool Davis blog.

Update: ACA 16  Green Amendment to the California constitution, CASS (CA State Strong)  also found out that the amendment did not receive enough support to make it out of committee intact.  The amendment would declare that the people have a right to clean air and water and a healthy environment. The amendment was very strong, and votes fell away with lobbying from the California Chamber of Commerce, other business lobbies and some unions.  The amendment that was pulled by its author (Asm. Bryan) after terrible additional language was added at the bequest of business lobbies.  No further action is recommended at this time.