Yolo Earth Day Pledger FRANCES pledged to …

  • Do almost everything on all the lists!

… by Earth Day 2024

  • I did make some progress in areas I wanted to work on, still working on most
  • I have been involved in groups, but not as often as I’d like
  • Having lots of emotions around this (diversifying ride and energy boost)
  • I planted 12 trees on the property I just moved to (& have 3 more to plant), this property is the reason I’ve been less involved in groups like Cool Davis
  • Barriers have been time, knowledge, occasionally tasks I’ve recently had to undertake
  • Benefits? That feeling of accomplishment, though only took steps, didn’t “complete” goal yet
  • I do wonder if having an app (or group platform) would allow for more interaction with pledgers and the Cool Davis volunteers

Yolo Earth Day Pledger ROBIN pledged to …

Bike, bus, or walk to work, school, or errands 3x per week (or more)

Make a plan to electrify my home

Avoid palm oil starting with reading labels

Give up or significantly reduce high impact foods like beef, pork, lamb, or dairy

Host a connecting event for friends, family, neighborhood, church, or school

Move my money to an ethical and fossil-free bank or credit union

Plant or adopt a fruit producing or climate ready shade tree

… by Earth Day 2024

  • My old house needs a lot of work, I got stymied by the complexity of planning for energy efficiency and decarbonization
  • I moved most funds out of oil-and-gas-financing bank to a credit union
  • I bought an EV and tuned up my bike, been using it several times a week
  • Emotional highs from being part of solutions; loved all the learning!
  • Keep reminding me of the items I pledged but have not yet done
  • Keep the resources in one place on your website so I can find them easily.
  • I really love this approach and wish I had fully completed the pledge. Do keep doing this, please!

Yolo Earth Day Pledger BETH pledged to …

  • Encourage 1x month at least 1 person to ride a bike, bus, or walk
  • Bike, bus, or walk to work, school, or errands 3x per week (or more)
  • Pre-cool my home during summer to avoid peak usage and rates
  • Open windows to cool my home at night during summer months
  • Get rooftop solar with battery storage
  • Watch a documentary about plant based eating from Cool Davis series or one of my own
  • Set up a monthly plant-based meal or potluck with friends or family
  • Eat a meatless meal 3 times per week
  • Give up or significantly reduce high impact foods like beef, pork, lamb, or dairy
  • Volunteer with a climate or resilience organization, community garden, or school environmental club
  • Make a (significant-for-you) donation to a climate organization
  • Make a commitment to learn about and act on climate injustices
  • Replace grass with drought tolerant plants and drip irrigation

… by Earth Day 2024

  • All actions are fully incorporated into my routines and plans (except getting involved)!
  • Put solar on the house; got all new energy efficient appliances and replaced the heating/ac with a heat pump system

Want to do the pledge this year?

Download the pledge menu from the pledge page to track your pledges: www.cooldavis.org/pledge