The unhoused are among the most vulnerable people in our community during an emergency. Unfortunately, many UC Davis students are currently experiencing housing insecurity.

Thankfully, Aggie House, a transitional housing shelter for Davis students, helps to fill the need for shelter in our community. Despite being only two years old, Aggie House has already made a huge impact for students and young adults in Davis.

“Since we opened in 2021, we have helped more than 60+ students find more permanent housing solutions and we have had over 140 student volunteers,” said Aggie House volunteer Ben.

Housing insecurity among UC Davis students is not a small, fringe problem. According to Ben, “I would say that [housing insecurity] has been at a steady and yet high rate…when you look at the numbers, one in five students at UC Davis will experience housing insecurity at some point during their time here.” Considering that that is four times higher than the rate of housing insecurity in the whole state of California, this is a pervasive problem that needs to be addressed in order to promote resilience in our community.

Volunteer Virginia believes that Aggie House can promote resilience in Davis, saying, “No matter what type of situation [students] are coming from, I think Aggie House as a community really tries to support the individual by meeting them wherever they’re at and just trying to get them to a better place.”

If you are a UC Davis student seeking shelter, or would like to volunteer or make a donation, apply on the Aggie House website.

Aggie House volunteers at Davis Farmer’s Market, December 13, 2023. Photo credit Maggie Maue.