Cool Davis welcomes our second cohort of Sacramento Valley College Corps Fellows for the 2023-2024 year! Our UC Davis SVCC Fellows will be serving as Outreach Assistants engaging directly with community members at in-person and online events. After intensive training working closely with Campaign Managers and Coordinators, the Fellows will help with event logistics and the promotion of activities that stimulate interactive learning. Fellows may also be involved in special projects focused on program design, content development, data collection, data input, and assessing outcomes of our work.

If you meet any of our Fellows during our outreach activities, please give them a warm welcome and show of appreciation!


Cecilia Ma Li is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Animal Biology. Cecilia is from San Francisco where she enjoys doing outdoor activities and exploring nature. She plans on pursuing a master’s or a PhD in Animal Behavior upon graduating from UC Davis. During her free time, away from the laboratory and school work, she likes to hang out with friends and her cats. She loves to explore the city and find amazing places to eat. She also enjoys baking goodies like brownies and cookies. She has been attending outreach programs with Cool Davis, and has enjoyed meeting residents from local communities that share the same interests. She is passionate about sustainability and committed to addressing the urgent issue on climate change. Working at Cool Davis aligns with her values and allows her to make a meaningful impact on our community and the environment.

Cecilia believes in the potential of community-driven initiatives to bring about positive changes and reduce carbon footprint in the city. Cool Davis’s mission to cultivate sustainable living, build community resilience, equity, and health resonates with her. She wants to be part of a team that empowers individuals and organizations to take concrete actions toward a sustainable and climate-resilient future, and Cool Davis provides the perfect platform for me to do just that. Her educational background in animal biology has provided her with a deep understanding of ecosystems, wildlife, and the complex relationships between species and their surroundings. When she works in the sustainability and climate field, she can use what she knows to help with issues like habitat loss and population extinction. Cecilia is excited to work with Cool Davis to come up with a more sustainable living lifestyle to enhance our community and ecosystem. In addition, she wants to help raise awareness on the importance of climate action. (Interviewed by Tamara)

Cameron Kiongo, a fourth-year Biochemistry major, is on an exciting journey to expand her education and pursue a career as a physician associate. Her path is guided by a profound passion for healthcare and a strong commitment to community engagement. As she looks to the future, her involvement with organizations like Cool Davis has illuminated a unique opportunity to make a real impact on her community, allowing her to explore health and wellness through a fresh and inspiring perspective.

Cameron’s time at Cool Davis has already provided her with a new lens through which to view community well-being. While she’s been involved in community outreach events like food drives in the past, her participation with Cool Davis has enabled her to shift her focus towards the broader aspects of public health and community development. Cool Davis perfectly aligns with her vision of fostering sustainable living practices. She sees a strong connection between the organization’s mission and the challenges faced by urbanized communities, particularly Black and Brown residents. Sadly, these communities often lack the necessary resources and funding to effectively embrace sustainable living practices. The result is a troubling disparity in health outcomes and well-being, stemming from systemic neglect and a lack of protection. Beyond her passion for healthcare and community well-being, Cameron brings a pop of color to her life with her deep affection for the color purple, and she holds a special place in her heart for none other than her all-time favorite artist, Beyoncé. (Interviewed by Wendy)

Wendy Zhong is a third-year student majoring in Food Science at UC Davis. She chose to major in food science because she wants to learn more about the chemistry behind food and how it can affect taste and health. Additionally, Wendy also decided to major in food science because of her passion for food. Being from Oakland, CA, Wendy loves to try out new food recipes from different cultures. In her spare time, you can find Wendy at home cooking her favorite dish, Pad Thai.

Wendy decided to join SVCC this year because she is dedicated to giving back to her local community. She wants to provide her fellow Davis residents with knowledge and resources on ways to partake in a more sustainable lifestyle. Working at Cool Davis has shown Wendy that she can serve her community using her background in food science.

Cool Davis’ mission to build resilience, equity, and health intrigued Wendy because it aligns with her personal values and beliefs, and she plans to use her college degree to achieve the same things in her community. Wendy believes that sustainability is not just an opinion, but a moral responsibility. Initiatives set by Cool Davis that focus on environmentally conscious eating practices influence Wendy to use her knowledge of food chemistry to aspire to create food technology that can be restorative to the Earth’s environment and the wellness of her community. (Interviewed by Cameron)

Tamara Ndi is a fourth-year Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research major at UC Davis. Her hobbies include sewing, making beaded bracelets, and listening to audiobooks. After noticing drastic changes in the weather, Tamara decided to take meaningful action by joining Cool Davis.

Tamara’s concern about climate change and her career aspirations in finance are rooted in her deep value for holistic wellness. Climate change, to her, is a social crisis closely related to poverty and inequality. When drastic changes in the climate affect food and water sources, those most affected are low-income individuals. Similarly, wealthier nations and individuals tend to be better equipped to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change, while poorer nations and individuals are more vulnerable due to limited resources for adaptation. Tamara believes that addressing climate change is essential for poverty reduction and the promotion of an equitable society.

Tamara firmly believes in Cool Davis’ mission and approach to cultivate sustainable living practices, especially in the fact that Cool Davis works with the community. She sees climate change as a largely man-made problem, and like most man-made problems, it requires man-made solutions. Cool Davis educates and provides resources to the Yolo County community on ways to adapt to the changing climate, contributing to a greener earth. She is honored to be a part of an organization where her involvement can lead to actions that make a difference. At Cool Davis, Tamara is provided with opportunities to better her understanding of climate change and sustainability, and being part of the organization has already allowed her to develop leadership, teamwork, and advocacy skills, enhancing her personal growth and development. (Interviewed by Cecilia)

Link to video of the Fellows “being each other” (you’ll have to ask them what that means!)