Now is the time to get the electric vehicle you’ve been dreaming of! The Davis Electric Vehicle Association (DEVA), Cool Davis, and SacEV invite you to participate in our FREE National Drive Electric Week event EVs@thePavilion at Central Park Davis, 301 C Street, Sunday, October 1st, 11am to 2:30pm. Get up close and personal with 20+ electric vehicles by chatting with their owners as part of our yearly Show-and-Tell event held especially for our EV-curious neighbors.

Check out some of the newest EVs on the market including those cool new trucks! Last year we had over 25 different vehicles including ebikes and electric scooters. This year we have also invited car and truck dealers to offer Ride-and-Drive opportunities, a super popular activity in years past.


Sunday, October 1st

11 am – 2:30 pm

Central Park Davis, 301 C Street

Get all of your questions answered and more at our Ask-an-Expert tables including topics like finding the right EV for you, buying used, charging around town, EV/PV or the advantages of driving on sunshine, and all about incentives with Valley Clean Energy who will also be on site. 

We invite residents countywide to join us to learn about the newest EVs on the market, how far they go, and what our volunteers love most about them.

National Drive Electric Week is presented nationally by Plug In America, The Electric Vehicle Association, The Sierra Club, EVHybridNoire, and Drive Electric USA.

Local sponsors include Valley Clean Energy and the City of Davis.

Want a reminder? Are you a dealer who wants to give rides? Got time to volunteer? Email us at


National Drive Electric Week (#NDEW2022) last year was a hit (as usual)! Photo credit Johan Verink.

Why go electric now?

All-electricplug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles purchased new in 2023 or after may be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. The availability of the credit will depend on several factors, including the vehicle’s MSRP, its final assembly location, battery component and/or critical minerals sourcing, and your modified adjusted gross income (AGI).

Qualified vehicles purchased before 2023 may be eligible for a similar tax credit of up to $7,500.

Pre-owned vehicles purchased in 2023 or after are eligible for a tax credit of up to $4,000.

EVs are dropping in price both new and used!

The average transaction price for an EV has dropped from over $61,000 in January to about $53,400 in June. This decline is attributed to price cuts from manufacturers like Tesla, coupled with a high inventory of EVs.

Kelley Blue Book reports that the current inventory of EVs in the U.S. would take approximately 103 days to sell, nearly double the supply for new vehicles in general, which stands at 53 days.

New cars are selling for more than $600 below sticker price on average. Read more about the flip.

Used EVs are back as a high value choice but declining in cost!

As the supply of new cars has come back to normal levels the availability of used EVs is dramatically increasing while used prices are dropping. The price of a used BEV in the U.S. has gone down 28% since July 2022.  Nearly 40%  of used EVs are available at less than $30,000.

This is great news for a value shopper looking for the reliability and low operational costs of an EV, and good news for people going after the potential 30% (up to $4,000) federal tax credit for ZEVs that cost $25,000.

Along with low mileage for vehicles coming off of lease, you might see prices at 2/3 to ½ of their original price with all the important value still in place like warranties.

Come to EVs@thePavilion to get up-to-date advice about buying used.  Talk to owners and get insight into the vehicle best for you.  Then connect with our buying used advisors on site!

Join your neighbors! Davis is a leading community in electric vehicle adoption!

Davis is one of many communities around our state leading the way in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Since last year local residents have purchased or leased EVs at nearly double the rate of previous years. Davis is now ahead of the original projections for our community set in 2017 of 3500 vehicles by 2025.  We are on track to have over 4000 EVs registered in our community by the end of this year.   In the state of CA,  EVs are about 6% of the total registered vehicles, in Davis EVs represent nearly 10% of our total registered vehicle fleet.

EV charging is ubiquitous and growing

Charging for electric vehicles is expanding everywhere, especially along the major travel corridors. While most EV owners charge their vehicles at home to cover their commuting, growth in charging along our major travel corridors makes both long distance trips and commuting even easier.  Tesla is moving towards providing charging access to non-Tesla cars within their charging network.  Tools like Plugshare make it easy for owners to plan for charging during a long distance journey.

Katrina Sutton gets a better view of the proceedings at last year’s NDEW event. Photo credit Johan Verink.


The Frerichs in front of new electric Unitrans bus at last year’s event. Photo credit Johan Verink.



Some of the new trucks have surprising storage options! Photo credit Johan Verink.


Guy Hall, EV guru extraordinaire, always has a big smile and lots of information to share about EVs! Photo credit Johan Verink.


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