Cool Davis is at the Davis Farmer’s Market most Saturdays! Join us to peruse displays, examine brochures, and engage in great conversations! Volunteers and experts will be on hand.

  • First Saturdays: Household Engagement (pledge, resilience)
  • Third Saturdays: Transportation (electric vehicles, e-bikes, transit and micro-transit)
  • Fourth Saturdays: Energy (home electrification and more)

This Saturday, September 2, will feature our pledge support docs and the reducing air travel action! Now that the summer travel season is wrapping up, make those winter holiday plans with a bit more intention. Looking back, what could you have done differently this summer to have had a lighter impact on our home?


Planes produce 25 kg in emissions per passenger traveling 100 km. Because air travel is major contributor for CO2 emissions, reducing air travel can be an important step to take in reducing emissions!

  • Use Google Flights to plan for your next trip, where you will find flight listings with their emissions posted alongside them. This way, you can track the carbon footprint of your trip, and find more eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Select Economy instead of Business class to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Select airlines and routes that are using OR are planning to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
  • Take 1 or more fewer flights per year
  • Replace at least one flight with a lower impact mode of travel if possible (train, full car, carpool, etc.)
  • Take the train! Link to Amtrak

Here’s the travel support doc with more information about air travel and other choices! Diversify Your Ride (download PDF)

Here’s some photos of this past spring at the market. Come have fun with us!