Thursday more than anything filled my heart with a sense of tremendous gratitude for all the people in our community attending to our safety as well as our connectedness.  Despite the horrible terror in the community this week, this amazing Davis community rallied all week to serve those with the least. Then turned out to fund community organizations with what looks like over 2300 people raising nearly $400,000 in our community in one day.

While Cool Davis didn’t meet our goals for the day or use up all our matching funds, we are gratified by the participation of so many people in support of our work.  We raised a preliminary total of $23,332 leaving over $8000 in match funding still available if you would like to still donate. If you weren’t able to give or were not inclined to give due to the state of our community we understand.  We want you to know we welcome any way you would like to participate in our work.

We were particularly glad to host the afternoon Gratefulness Session with special guest NJ Mvondo from the City of Davis Human Relations Commission and Chair of the Yolo County Climate Action Commission and Kerry Loux, City of Davis Sustainability Coordinator.  Here is a temporary link to that conversation until we get it posted to our #LiveCoolDavis YouTube channel.

May 4th Gratefulness Session

Passcode: 2HnNm=A0

Again we are so grateful for the amazing people in our community who do so much and have made such a difference in this difficult moment for so many people!


Match Fund


Lynne Nittler,  Jason Bone and the Ebbtide Family Fund, Lisa Baker, Larry Green, Julie Haney, Kristin Heinemeier, the Johnston/Granger Family, Ken Kirsch and MAKDesignBuild, Kerry Loux, Matt Price, Johannes Troost & Elise Parnes, Rehka Vaitla



Mark Adams, Cynthia H Anders, Judith  Anderson, Frances Andrews, Lisa Baker, Bonnie Berman, Claire Black, Michael Bobell, Richard Bode, Barry Bolden, Aaron Bone, Gayle Bone, Jason Bone,Verena Borton, Janice Bower, Kent & Barbara Bradford & Zadra, Christopher Cabaldon, Manny & Debbie Carbahal, Andrea Clark, Karen & Bruce Clark, Linda Clevenger & Seth Brunner, Bill Dakin,Elisabeth Dubin,Torin Dunnavant,  Elsa Ruiz-Duran,Hamza El-Nakhal, Cindy Erickson, Laura Fischer, Cathy Forkas, Kelsey Fortune, Franklin Fox,Stacie & Lucas Frerichs Mary Garrison, Christine Granger, Larry Greene, Sharon Hale, Ann Halsted, Amina Harris, Rachel Hartsough, Lisa Henderson, Ashley Hill, Marc Hoeschele, Buddy Hubbert, Siobhan Hudson, Mark Huising,Joseph Johnston,David Kalb, Lorin Kalisky – Upper Crust            Baking, Lucia Kaiser, David & Karen Kane, Kenneth Kirsch, Vivi Kirsch, Lorenzo Kristov, Autumn Labbe-Renault, Elizabeth Lasensky, Julia Levine,  Karen Leyse, Jonathan Long, Alan Jackman, Robert Johnson, Petrea Marchand, Anya McCann, Marilyn Moyle,Subhash Mullapudi,Aaron Nitzkin,  Ann Noble, Eleanor Norris,  David Pabian,Cambria Pardner, Elise Parnes, Jeffrey Pelz, Charles Pickett, Martha Quenon, Caroline Quinn, Betsy Raymond, Jasmine Ripoyla, William Roe, Nancy Rowan, Meghan Russell, Susan & Chuck Salocks, Steve Schoenig, Estelle Shiroma, Greg & Pam Sparks, Colin Stack-Troost, Teresa Steele, Susan Steinbach,Steve Streeter, Katrina Sutton,  Virginia Thigpen, Johannes Troost, Anil Vaitla, Hanumantha Rao Vaitla, Lakshmi Vaitla, Nagamani Vaitla, Ramam Vaitla, Rekha Vaitla,Michael Webb, Christina West, Lindsay Weston, Gregory Williams,  Judy Wydick,Michael Yackey, Meagan Yoshimoto-Clark, James Zanetto, Sandronsky-Hirsch Family Fund of the Yolo Community Foundation, Hay Family Fund of the Yolo Community Foundation