In late 2022, the City of Davis, Yolo County, and UC Davis partnered together to create Hate-Free Together, a community-wide framework to combat local hate incidents and prioritize the well-being and safety of all residents.

Just as our three public agencies successfully came together for Healthy Davis and Healthy Yolo Together, they are now advancing Hate-Free Together, a movement that invites the entire community to help condemn hate, create safety, and cultivate change and encourage an environment that promotes inclusiveness, celebrates diversity, and rejects hate and bias in all forms.

Read the press release and statements from Chancellor Gary May and former Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor.

“Hate is a cycle that can be broken if we cultivate change, prioritize education, and stand up together. We ask the entire community to join us in this fight and learn how we can all work to become Hate-Free Together.”

– Former Davis Mayor Lucas Frerichs

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We each make a difference

Advocacy takes time and Hate-Free Together wants to bring everyone to the table, not just people who are already boots on the ground but also those who have not yet set foot on the path to inclusion and change.

The official Hate-Free Together website is coming soon. Until then, please feel free to peruse and look through some resources on the City of Davis webpage.


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