The Essential Role of Social Mobilization in Confronting the Climate Crisis

Why, despite all we know about the causes and harms of global heating, has so little effective action been taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and what we can do to change that? In this presentation Adam argues that the pathway to stopping dangerous global heating will require a much larger mobilization of advocacy and activism to impel decision makers to abandon fossil fuels, and transition to renewable energy and electrification embedded in a political and social framework guided by justice principles. Adam will illustrate this using examples from the grassroots and advocacy struggle in the University of California and the county and city of San Diego and end by providing practical suggestions of how audience members might engage in activism, advocacy or both.

Please mark your calendars for this presentation at the Avid Reader Bookstore at 617 – 2nd Street, Davis, on Tuesday, April 4 from 6:00 to 7:00pm by Professor Adam Aron (UCSD). Adam is a former cognitive neuroscientist in a psychology department who has refocused his teaching and research program entirely on the climate crisis. Based on his four year experience with teaching about the climate crisis and organizing within the University of California he has learned that students need a wide-spectrum understanding so that they not only have information about the science, impacts, policy and technical aspects of the climate crisis, but also have some ideas about what to do as advocates in their school and state, and also how to direct their careers. 

Many of you will also know Adam for his leadership in the UC Green New Deal organization, including being one of the driving forces behind the systemwide senate memorial to decarbonize Scope 1 emissions (60% by 2030, 95% by 2035). Adam also produced the student-made documentary film ‘Coming Clean’ about the large emissions produced from smokestack emissions by co-generation plants on UC campuses.

Come to the Avid Reader bookstore for a discussion with Adam Aron regarding his new book, The Climate Crisis.

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