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Do you ever have any of these questions…

  • Do you ever wonder about recycling, and what difference and impact, if any, it has on our environment?
  • Have you read stories or thought “why bother” because you read conflicting articles about recycled items ending up in the trash (landfill) anyway? Where does it really end up?
  • Have you heard that the City is now implementing SB 1383, a new state law that in part requires the city to monitor resident and business trash and recycling carts? What is that about?
  • Do you ever stand in front of your recycling carts wondering which cart “this” item goes in?

If so, you will want to register for the “Trash Talk” webinar, for a deep dive into the connection between the waste we produce, climate change, new laws, and the everyday choices and impact residents can and do make with their trash and recyclables, jointly presented by the Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice, the City of Davis, and the Cool Davis Coalition, with special thanks to Congregation Bet Haverim for initiating and coordinating the event.

Please join us!

Featured speaker (and listener), Jennifer Gilbert, will address these issues and your questions in this informative webinar that will provide answers to, and deepen your understanding of, these questions.

Jennifer is a Conservation Coordinator for the City of Davis, where she has worked for over 16 years coordinating, implementing, and championing the City’s Solid Waste program. Jennifer oversaw the 2016 introduction of the City’s mandatory citywide organics program and has taken a leadership role in the City’s SB 1383 implementation efforts, rapidly becoming a go-to resource for communities around the state with questions on SB 1383.

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More resources

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