Editor’s note: Local activist and Cool Davis co-founder Lynne Nittler is hosting several events in Davis in February and March as part of the Third Act Initiative, Banking on Climate Chaos. Her message about the events follows below:

As a founder of Cool Davis and a leader of Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice, a working group of Cool Davis since 2011, I am urging the Davis faith community members and others to consider changing their banks on ethical grounds.  The truth is, if you bank at Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Citi, and some others, they loan your money to fossil fuel companies, which contributes to climate change disasters around the globe. Such investments are simply not good for our planet, so let’s get out of them.

So…what to do?  The members of Third Act, a newly formed and growing group of elders across the US, is encouraging folks to explore the idea of leaving banks invested in fossil fuels. In solidarity, I’m encouraging Davis folks who bank at the banks above to consider the idea of changing banks and credit cards together, along with many, many others across the United States taking action March 21, 2023. You can make the change yourself, however, it will be more fun to make the change together, and we hope more impactful, too.  You are certainly not alone in banking at these big banks.  This is a powerful climate action well suited for “mature” folks, and especially appropriate to people guided by their environmental and/or faith commitments.

In Davis we are directly inviting faith communities as well as the Cool Davis community, plus Rancho Yolo residents, to this action. We are also inviting the whole community through the community newspaper. Anyone can participate, even if you do not have a bank account or a credit card that is invested in fossil fuels.  If you already bank at a credit union or local bank, you are already fossil-free in your banking!  Yeah! Please join us as role models!

Fortunately, Third Act has gathered resources to guide us on how to make the change.  It can even be empowering!  There’s information on the complicity of our banks in funding fossil fuels if you need to be convinced, and information on how to approach your bank in person or with a letter to communicate  your reasons for leaving.  There’s also information on credit unions and local banks that favor local investments instead of fossil fuels.  There’s information on credit cards, including some exciting “green” ones like Aspirations and Green America  and Schools First that do good in the world!  We’re touring Davis credit unions and local banks on February 25!  Meet at 4th and C to walk with your signs!

Join in, even if you can’t get it all done by March 21!  Sometimes it takes a bit of time.  But join the rallies anyway!

Use this link to sign up:  https://www.mobilize.us/thirdact/event/550091

By all means join in even if your banking is already squeaky clean!  We need lots of folks turning out for the three rallies listed below in downtown Davis to show our community that we support local banks even as we avoid banking on fossil fuels that cause climate change.

If you’re “in” on this significant climate action, you can also email Lynne Nittler at lnittlerATsbcglobal.net

Thanks for joining!   Feel free to spread the word to neighbors and friends.  Thank you!

More info: www.ThirdAct.org/Banking (thorough, accurate, current, and convincing)


Sat.  Feb. 25 at 11am: Meet at intersection of 4th and C St at Central Park Davis and walk downtown with signs.  Tour credit unions and good banks.  Maybe some bankers will step outside to greet us.
Sat. Mar. 11 at 11am:  Meet at intersection of 4th and C St. at Central Park Davis and walk downtown with signs.  Protest at the fossil fuel banks with signs and banners.  Hand out 1/4 page flyers to Mar. 21. Sing!
Tues. March 21 at 12pm noon:  Meet at Central Park Davis (at the center stage near the carousel).  Listen to talks by dignitaries from all levels of local and regional government sharing how/when they started climate action.  Then proceed downtown to the three banks who thrive on fossil fuels!  Some patrons are ready to cut up their credit cards!