As staff at Cool Davis, we are so grateful for the many people and organizations that support our work with expertise, enthusiasm, and action. Especially through the pandemic, we continue to be awed by a steady stream of support. Thanks to our volunteers and donors, we have been able to maintain a consistent voice for climate action during 2022.

Volunteers are the heart of Cool Davis!

We invite you to join us in applauding the work of generous community members who make our work possible! We are so grateful for:

  • Our fabulous 2022 Board of Directors who have challenged us to excellence and are there every step of the way to recruit donors, experts, and supporters to our work: Lisa Baker, Jason Bone, Kelsey Fortune, Larry Greene, Julie Haney, Kristin Heinemeier, Ken Kirsch, Matt Price, Johannes Troost, and outgoing board member Bapu Vaitla
  • Our volunteer Database Coordinator Marsha Baird who has provided invaluable and consistent support for an amazing eight years
  • Program volunteers, especially our Household Engagement Team who have shared time and insights with an open heart, including Jose Diaz, Maryam Farhangfar, Jess Frisbie, Alana Gamage, Cameron Bonnell, Carson Poe, Natalie Aguilar, Lydia Holluldun, Olivia Clary, Jenny Zhong, Dominic Nider-Savageau, and Yun Han
  • Our Sacramento Valley College Corps Fellows who are bringing energy and connection to the community: Ben, Mari, Emily, Karen, and Nala
  • Our volunteer and intern Communications Team of writers, analysts, photographers, and social media mavens including Michael Kluk, Johan Verink, Jenny Zhong, Hillary Hoang, Nicole Whiting, Kiernan Salmon, Maryam Farhangfar, Richard Bode, Dylan Ehlers, and Dylan Jayaleth
  • Thank you to our stalwart Solar Campaign advisors John Walter with RepowerYolo, Aaron Nitzkin with Citadel Roofing and Solar, Jon Gemma with Aztec Solar, and to Kristin Heinemeier with Frontier Energy for your support of our Rooftop Solar campaign, completed this year!
  • Thank you to our Home Energy campaign advisors Kristin Heinemeier, Dave Springer, Bill Dakin, Robin Kozloff, Julie Haney, Duane Knickerbocker with Brower Mechanical, Nathan Breeder with Greiner Heating and Air, and Kiernan Salmon at UC Davis
  • A huge thanks to Julia Levine, Davis Poet Laureate, for your inspiration and creative support this year!

Thank you to Coalition and working group leaders!

The leadership of our coalition and working groups brings insight and passion to our programs and activities to address the current and far reaching needs of our community and region.

  • Thank you to Richard Bode, Sandra Hall, Katrina Sutton, Robert Poeschel, Barbara Gardner, Ash Dalal, and Vaish Karanam with the Davis Electric Vehicle Association, who charge up the DEVA monthly meetings and the Cool Davis Ride Cool events like our yearly National Drive Electric Week extravaganza, and especially Guy Hall of SacEV for his unmatched work advocating for EVs across our region
  • Thank you to our neighborhood and partner reps to the Coalition Steering Committee including Lorenzo Kristof, Robin Kozloff, Elizabeth Lasensky, and many others
  • Thank you to current convenors Scott Ragsdale, David Abramson, and the many members of the Yolo Climate Emergency Coalition for your energy and advocacy on equitable climate solutions!
  • Thank you to the youth leaders of our local Fridays for Future and Climate Strike youth activities including Marlen Garcia, Desmond, Eliot, Mattias, Jared, Ciena, and many others
  • Thank you to Anya McCann of COOL Cuisine; Anthony Palmere and Alan Hirsch with Yolo Mobility; and Lynne Nittler, Jim Cramer, Johannes Troost and others with the Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice

Partners, sponsors, and donors help us connect!

  • Thank you especially to our partner, the City of Davis, whose leadership and financial support has been essential to our work over many years.
  • We are grateful for Davis City council’s support past and present especially in 2022 Mayors Partida and Frerichs, Councilmembers Dan Carson, Josh Chapman, and Will Arnold. Your support of Mike Webb and his decisions to partner with Cool Davis to address climate action in our community have been instrumental to our work.
  • Mike Webb’s leadership in sustaining this partnership in the midst of the pandemic ensured that Cool Davis could continue to plan for and respond to the needs of the community
  • We so value the years of work and collaboration with key City staff member Kerry Loux, Sustainability Coordinator, and more recently Dianna Jensen, Acting Public Works Director-City Engineer, especially this year as you work to complete the City’s new Climate Action and Adapation Plan.
  • We are grateful for our ongoing work with Dawn Calciano, Jennifer Donofrio, Jenny Tan, Barbara Archer, Jennifer Gilbert, Rachel Hartsough, Carrie Dyer, and Adrienne Heinig in your various roles at the City as we strive to achieve our common goals to make Davis a more sustainable community.

We are grateful for other key partners and sponsors who provide us with support and expertise for our programs!

  • Our hosts at the Davis Farmers Market, I-House, Yolo County Library, and Bicycling Hall of Fame including Randii MacNear, Shelly Gilbride, Lana Harman, and Bob Bowen
  • Our UC Davis partners including Katie Rodger, Moira Delgado, Jonathan London, Kiernan Salmon, the folks at the Institute for Transportation Studies (ITS), the Office of Sustainability and Camille Kirk, and Jenni Taylor at UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services.
  • We appreciate the hard work and drive of the Yolo County Climate Action Commissioners, and are grateful for the leadership of chair NJ Mvondo.
  • Thank you Yolo Federal Credit Union for the 2021 year end grant and your ongoing advice and support in 2022
  • Thank you to Electrify My Home, Indigo/ Hammond & Playle Architects, LLP, Frontier Energy, and MAK Design Build for your advice and your in-kind and financial support
  • Thank you to the staff and volunteers of Valley Clean Energy, including Rebecca Boyles, Sierra Huffman, Yvonne Hunter, and Mitch Sears for your advice, partnership and past sponsorship!
  • Thank you to many faith communities that participate in the Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice and your steady support over the years: Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, Unitarian Universalist Community of Davis, United Methodist, Bet Haverim, University Covenant Church, Davis Community Church, St. James Catholic Church, and Unity Church of Davis
  • Finally thank you to our key community partners like Tree Davis, Bike Davis, and The Bike Campaign! Our collaborations on key programs and policies makes us stronger. Your advice and insight and action add creativity and fun to our common work!

Together as colleagues, volunteers, and partners we are assisting households in understanding the climate challenges at hand and together we offer solutions that make sense. Your commitment to sticking with the hard work of eliminating fossil fuel use from our daily lives is steadily transforming our community. We are so grateful to you for that commitment!

With hope for a healthy new year,

Chris and Leslie