Thanks to all for the vibrant screening of “Gather” last month and for the insightful follow up conversation on local food networks as a form of healing. It’s great to see community conversations in action!

We’re proud to present our next film, “The Invisible Hand,” in an online screening, available for 24hrs starting Sunday, December 11th from 1:30pm to Monday December 12th at 1:30pm. We’ll also be hosting a follow up discussion online, Monday December 12th from 6pm to 8pm. Register below.

Learn more about the film here:

The Invisible Hand 
75 min feature documentary
Director/Editor/Producer/Writer: Melissa A. Troutman and Joshua B. Pribanic
Executive Producer: Mark Ruffalo
Editor: Andrew Geller

The Climate Movie Circle team hopes you can join us!

Plus, we have received a 2022-only free screening license for a second film: “MISSION: Joy” with Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama! Scroll down for details.

The full lineup for December:

  • Sunday, December 11, starting at 1:30pm (24 hour window): “The Invisible Hand” (watch individually with link)
  • Monday, December 12, from 6pm to 8pm: Online discussion all together of “The Invisible Hand” via Zoom
  • Thursday, December 16 through 18 (72 hour window): “Mission: Joy” (watch individually with link and additional registration)

Register now

All three links will be shared following registration. 

We’re looking forward to the December Climate Circle movie and conversation! 

Your Climate Movie Circle Planning Team,

Natalie, Lydia, Carson, Jess, and Leslie (and more members in the works!)

p.s. We’ve created a survey to hear about your feedback on the Climate Movie Circle Screening. Have a movie or climate-related topics to suggest? Or do you have a time preference? Please take our survey if you haven’t already!

What are the rights of nature? 

“If a corporation has rights, why can’t an ecosystem?” Mark Ruffalo narrates a new documentary that critics call a “paradigm shifting” story about the global struggle between Nature and society. Ruffalo, who signed on with Public Herald Studios as Executive Producer of INVISIBLE HAND in 2016, has spent years as a water defender and environmental advocate. “More and more, we are waking up to the fact that the world around us is being poisoned,” Ruffalo said. “The water, air and land have become toxic dumps, and the law is rigged against us.”

The film follows the Rights of Nature movement that began in Pennsylvania, USA in 2006, travels to the international fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota, and features the adoption of Rights of Nature into Ecuador’s national constitution. Cradled in both Haudenosaunee prophecy and free market economic theory, the result is a film that asks, “If a corporation has rights, why can’t an ecosystem?”

“Our legal system is rigged to commodify Nature, to favor private property above Life,” said INVISIBLE HAND co-writer & director Melissa Troutman. “It’s a system that makes it perfectly legal to harm innocent people without their consent and threaten the survival of the planet.”

Co-writer and director Joshua Pribanic says, “INVISIBLE HAND is about witnessing the elephant in the room before it’s extinct. It’s showing us that, when face-to-face with the harmful effects of capitalism and our current way of life, Rights of Nature becomes the battle cry. My hope is that wherever you are, this film can speak to your fight.”

“People are adapting to these perils in daring and creative ways – and winning,” Ruffalo added. “INVISIBLE HAND shows how to fight the forces that put profit above all else while addressing the root cause of our flawed system.”

Join Mark Ruffalo and directors Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman for the virtual world premiere of INVISIBLE HAND on September 4th, 2020 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. They will be joined by cast to take questions or comments from the public.

Watch the trailer for The Invisible Hand here: 

Who will speak for Nature?



“Mission: JOY”

“Mission: JOY” is the moving and laugh-out-loud funny documentary about the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu’s friendship and their secrets of finding joy in troubled times. With genuine affection, mutual respect and a healthy dose of teasing, these unlikely friends impart lessons gleaned from lived experience, ancient traditions, and the latest cutting-edge science regarding how to live with joy in the face of all of life’s challenges from the extraordinary to the mundane. “Mission: JOY” is an antidote for the times. The film was inspired by the international best selling Book of Joy by Doug Abrams, Desmond Tutu, and the Dalai Lama. The global icons and their message inspired four Academy Award winners and renowned creatives from every part of the process to join the production team. You can join their mission to bring joy to the world when it is needed most:

Also, the ROCO films team encourages us to participate in the BIG JOY Project!

Just 7 minutes a day for 7 days to create more JOY for yourself: The MissionJOY Team worked with top researchers from UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, Harvard and 14 other universities to identify micro-actions–called Acts of JOY–that we can each do to create more JOY for ourselves in the moment. They’re quick, easy, and can be done by anyone of any age anywhere. Sign up here and try out one Act of JOY a day, and at the end of 7 days, you’ll receive a free, individualized JOY Report that will show you which Acts were most beneficial for you. You will also be part of the world’s largest-ever citizen science project on JOY, helping scientists unlock the next level of discovery about how we can all feel more JOY!

More images from “The Invisible Hand”