Contributed by Ann E Savageau

  • Finding the Mother Tree,” book by Suzanne Simard.
  • Super/Natural,” TV series about inter-species co-operation.
  • The poetry of Jack Gilbert and a short piece about his life that includes a few of his best poems.
  • Gather in Poems: A Special Reading & Offering of Community Through Poetry with Hanif Abdurraqib, Sumita Chakraborty, Tina Chang, Juan Felipe Herrera, Marie Howe, Dorianne Laux, Marilyn Nelson, Sasha Pimentel, Lloyd Schwartz, David St. John, Tracy K. Smith, TC Tolbert, Natasha Trethewey, Mai Der Vang. The program’s featured readers will share works by Joy Harjo, Yusef Komunyakaa, Arthur Sze, ​and more. Presented by the American Academy of Poetry, Thursday, November 17, at 4 p.m. PT | 7 p.m. ET. Free to attend with registration, this event will be presented as a live stream on YouTube. Closed captioning will be available.

New Books

  • “The Big Fix: 7 Practical Steps to Save our Planet,” new book by Hal Harvey and Justin Gillis.

Contributed by Lorenzo Kristov

  • Gabor Maté works on trauma and its relevance to the present state of the world. Here he is talking with Amy Goodman about this topic, and his new book “The Myth of Normal.” There are clear psychological reasons why so many people — including and perhaps most of all the members of the leadership classes at various levels — believe crazy shit and act out in ways that are so destructive.
  • Conversation between Douglas Rushkoff, founder of Team Human meme and podcast (reclaiming civilization for the benefit of all life) and author of the new book “Survival of the Richest: Escape fantasies of the tech billionaires” (buy locally!), and psychologist/sociologist Sherry Turkle, about multiple facets of where we are today as a society, how we got here and what to do.
  • It all comes down to recognizing the current situation we’re in — a global structure of politics, economy and society that is destroying the conditions for life on earth and seems incapable of stopping — and building from the bottom up, starting at local levels, a sane pathway forward to sustainability and justice.
The world we thought we had is gone.
The next world is now being built.
We’re all invited to create the next world.
— Michael Meade