What a great launch to our Climate Movie Circle last month! The planning team is proud to present our next film, “Inhabitants: Indigenous Perspectives on Restoring Our World,” on Sunday October 16 at 1:30pm, at the Blanchard Room at the Mary L Stephens Branch Library, 315 E. 14th Street, Davis, CA.

The film follows five Native American communities as they restore their traditional land management practices in the face of a changing climate. For millennia Native Americans successfully stewarded and shaped their landscapes, but centuries of colonization have disrupted their ability to maintain these processes. From deserts, coastlines, forests, mountains, and prairies, Native communities across the US are restoring their ancient relationships with the land. The five stories include sustaining traditions of Hopi dryland farming in Arizona; restoring buffalo to the Blackfeet reservation in Montana; maintaining sustainable forestry on the Menominee reservation in Wisconsin; reviving native food forests in Hawaii; and returning prescribed fire to the landscape by the Karuk Tribe of California. As the climate crisis escalates, these time-tested practices of North America’s original inhabitants are becoming increasingly essential in a rapidly changing world.

Learn more here: https://www.inhabitantsfilm.com/

This film is 76 minutes long. Directors: Costa Boutsikaris & Anna Palmer Producer: Ben-Alex Dupris, Miniconjou Lakota.

Masks are not required but always welcome!

Please take our survey if you haven’t already!

See you at the movies! No need to register in advance!

We plan to start serving popcorn during the film and would appreciate donations to cover room and food costs. Contact a member of the planning team if you are able to help.

Your Climate Movie Circle Planning Team,

Lydia, Carson, Jess, and Leslie (two more members in the works!)