A message from Davis Fridays for Future:

Dear Community Members,

Three years ago, in September of 2019, Davis participated in the first Global Climate Strike with nearly 2000 youth and adults alike demanding climate action. This year, Fridays For Future Davis is inviting you to join us again to fight for all of our future. On September 23rd 2022 at 11am we will march from E 14th and B Street down to Central Park. We are asking students across Davis to walk out of school and adults to walk out of work and join this international movement to demand we have a livable future.

At the 2019 school strike for climate action we delivered a letter of climate action demands to the Davis City Council and DJUSD, and since then not one of our demands for climate action have been met. We, the youth and Davis community, will not stand for this.

Elected officials are holding our future in their hands and it is up to them whether we will have a livable planet or not. But it is up to us to tell them when it is time to act, and it is past that time. The Earth’s clock is ticking. We cannot and will not wait until 2035 or 2030 or even 2025 for change to come. We will not wait any longer.

This September you can be part of this international school walkout and strike to show the world that we will not give up on our future and we will not back down.

Every year we, as Californians, suffer from climate change like everyone else around the world. We face record breaking drought, heat, fires and toxic air pollution from the smoke. We all suffer from this and it cannot be ignored any longer. Across the globe natural disasters are displacing millions of people and taking countless lives.

Will you watch this all happen and go on with normal life and with your usual Friday activities? Or will you show up to this strike and demand climate justice for all people and for the children of this Earth whose futures’ we are fighting for? This is not an easy task by any means. Climate anxiety is real. But this will not just magically disappear if we ignore it. It will get worse and worse. How will you feel if in 20 years you cannot say you tried to save the world? But what if you do try by showing up to strike and bringing your friends, classmates, coworkers and family?

This is our safe space to feel the grief and anxiety brought about by the climate emergency and our space to act accordingly and make change.

Together we stand, united and strong. Unwilling to back down or be told there is no hope. There is still hope and strength in numbers. You have an opportunity to be written into the history books and there are two ways you can be remembered. You will either be remembered as one who tried and saved the children from the climate crisis, or you will be remembered as someone who sat by and did nothing.

We can do this if we unite under one banner that says ‘Climate Justice Now’. Join us at E 14th and B Street at 11am on September 23rd to show the world that Davis is united and will not be left behind.

For more information and updates on upcoming Fridays For Future Davis events, check out our Instagram @fridaysforfuture_davis and email us with any questions at davis@fridaysforfutureusa.org.

For more national and international information about the Fridays For Future movement please visit fridaysforfuture.org or fridaysforfutureusa.org