Davis Neighbors’ Night Out is a celebration of our community and a great opportunity for neighbors to get to know one another. The event is scheduled in October to include new or returning UC Davis students in neighborhood festivities.

The event was initiated to encourage neighbors to get to know one another, as connected neighborhoods encourage residents to look out for one another. Many participants have stated they have lived in a neighborhood for years and continue to meet new people at each DNNO event.

  • Davis Neighbors Night Out
  • Davis CA
  • Sunday, October 16, 2022


Neighbors, neighborhood associations, Neighborhood Watch Liaisons, apartment complexes, and/or homeowner associations are encouraged to be an “Event Sponsor.” The Event Sponsor will take the lead in setting up a small, neighborhood gathering. Typically, there are between 100-125 events each year – but there is no limit. We encourage you to consider hosting a gathering in your neighborhood. Please visit the Davis Neighbors’ Night Out signup form to sign up to be an Event Sponsor.


To see if there is a party already scheduled in your neighborhood, please open the 2022 Davis Neighbors’ Night Out Event Locator map in a new tab. Individual events may start at different times depending on the neighborhood.

Please sign up to be an Event Sponsor as soon as possible, to ensure you receive your invitations with enough time to pass out to your neighbors.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call 530-757-5602 or send an email to DNNO@cityofdavis.org

For more information, visit the City of Davis post: https://www.cityofdavis.org/city-hall/city-manager-s-office/community-events/davis-neighbors-night-out


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