Turning Green Turns Anxiety to Action for College Students Worldwide 

Environmental nonprofit Turning Green has launched a global survey: Anxiety to Action: Insights from college and university students about climate change and pathways to action open April 19 until May 15 to empower and unify students to take concrete steps, locally and globally, to propel climate action.

Move Out Week Tips from Campus Housing and Dining

Top tips for move-out prep:
  • Get to know the thrift and consignment stores in Davis!
  • Not only are they a great option for giving a second life to your unwanted items, but they are great places to pick up things you might need when you’re living off-campus.
  • From sporting goods and small electronics, to kitchenware and decoratives. Buying used benefits everyone – you save money and support a good cause, plus you know that you’re reducing your environmental impact by reducing waste and not shipping new items from hundreds or thousands of miles away.
  • Don’t forget – Aggie Reuse Store is UC Davis’ very own on-campus thrift store. Find the Aggie Reuse Store at The Silo, Monday – Friday, 11am – 4pm.
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