This year’s Loopalooza was the best yet! Our new kids field activity was a hit with some very small roosters and some older hens. Hula hoops twirled, cones and Earth facts were wrangled. We sported our nearly full mascot team with appearances by El Rayito (the Little Sunbeam), La Gotita (the Little Water Drop), El Tomate (need we translate?), a soon-to-be-transformed La Fresa (The Strawberry), and a mini-debut for El Pie Grande (The Big Carbon Footprint), created and styled by Monica! See photos below!

Six folks finished the loop at our station (and gave us their contact info)! Cool Davis has passed your names on to our esteemed Loopalooza organizers to put you in the running for a $100 gift certificate from The Bike Campaign. The Cool Davis station was visited by 227 riders! We chatted somewhat in depth with 38 despite their relative hurry to finish the loop on a super windy day and distributed that many checklists.

Little known fact: a few eco-poertry selections from “Swerve” were read aloud (don’t miss this special opportunity!)

Thank you to all our fabulous and fun volunteers!

  • Two Girl Scouts who wore our mascot costumes Mackenzie and Madison and their parents Chris and Kelly
  • Lynne, Frances, Kristin, Jess, Yvonne, Monica, Galia, and Johan, our intrepid photographer

New City of Davis Smart Streets – Safe Routes to School Coordinator Daniela Tavares created some fabulous passports and certificates of completion for our riders this year and Nico Fauchier-Magnan of Bike Davis did the onsite training and orientation for the materials. The community thanks you!

Check out our Loopalooza Facebook photo album (we have permission for the identifiable kid pics; wish we could have published them all!)

Read an article about this year’s Loopalooza by Chris Ponce at The Aggie (UC Davis)

Loopalooza finishers Micky, Noah, Giancarlo (and another guy ;) ) and Jess as El Rayito. Photo credit Johan Verink.


Loopalooza finishers Lily, Dylan, and Henry (and wigged accompanists) with Leslie as El Rayito. Photo credit Johan Verink.

General joy was had by all accompanied by comments like Great! Thanks! Happy! Yea! and [The flowers] are beautiful! A new Cool Davis banner was adorned by many including images of our collection of mascots and a few unique quotes (thank you, so lovely!):

  • “Love is everything
  • Loving the Earth means loving yourself
  • You are perfect”


Name It! Station

One participant recorded some responses to our Name It! Station activity:

  • One way to use less stuff: Share toys, join toy library
  • One place your ride your bike each week: Ride your bikes to playground
  • One vegetable you love: Broccoli and carrots
  • One way to save energy in your home: Turn off the light when we don’t use it
  • One way to celebrate life! Get together with friends and families
  • One way to help others be more sustainable/Earth friendly: Give time instead of materials things